Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Introducing the Subsoniq Crew, Part 1.


That’s right…I’m not gonna shut up about THIS anytime soon. I have invited our recently canceled (down, but never out) friends over at SubSoniq to introduce themselves, one at a time, in their own words.

First up is K-Murdock, who is no stranger to the pages of AYCE.

My name is Kyle Murdock, better known to the massesK Murdock as K-Murdock of Panacea AND Subsoniq fame. I grew up in the DC Metro Area and like most people, my affinity for music spawned from my family members. Namely my mom who would drive us around as kids with two cassette tapes in HEAVY rotation, Anita Baker: "Rapture" and Luther Vandross: "Give Me the Reason". Naturally, my music predilection was swaying toward R&B (real R&B and not the BS on the radio these days), BUT when I was 9 or so, I snuck into my cousins room at a family get-together and rummaged through his tapes and LPs. I discovered the likes of KRS-One, Gangstarr, De La, and Ice Cube to name a few... my life = changed. I instantly began jocking anything my older K-Murdockcousins had, and the most memorable group was Tribe, especially "The Low End Theory" ... played it so much the tape lettering wore off but I knew it verbatim.... Hell, even today 20 years later I know "LET" and "Midnight Marauders" as well as i know any Panacea albums :). So, shouts to my cousins Marcus, Kenny & Kevin... and also my late uncle Melvin who I grew up listening to on local radio. He was the originator of the "Quiet Storm" format aka "Babies makin' Babies" music.”

This is the first in a series, so stay tuned to hear from the rest of the fellas.

In the meantime, check out K-Murdock’s BLOG, hit him up on TWITTER, and go support he and Raw Poetic’s latest (and highly anticipated) project over at KICKSTARTER. “12 Step” will be released on vinyl, thanks to their loyal fans, but you can still head over there to support some REAL Hip Hop. Pre-order and get some extra goodies.

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