Monday, March 1, 2010

Get Well Soon, Guru.

Take it back Tuesday is here, and tonight I am writing with a heavy heart. This morning I fired up the Ipod touch while eating breakfast, and found this tweet from Talib Kweli: “Prayin for Guru. He had cardiac arrest and is in a coma. Pray with me.”

Guru is one of my Hip Hop Heroes. It’s tough to describe the feeling. The same sadness I felt when I heard about Jam master Jay, and a few others. When a hero of mine falls, I feel like part of me falls with them.

Q-Tip just updated: “Spoke to preemo. He's in surgery still. keep praying. He's still here.”

I have always held Guru and Premier on a high pedestal. Even at a young age, I recognized that Guru’s lyrics were more socially conscious and insightful than a lot of other MC’s (not to mention smooth and cold as ice). He always seemed like…. that dude that is above all that shit, but if he’s forced to go in and teach you a fuckin’ lesson, he WILL. Right now I am listening to “Full Clip: A Decade of Gangstarr” and I probably won’t stop anytime soon.

He’s down, but not out. Let’s all pray for him and his family. I don’t care if I ever hear a new rhyme from Guru, I just hope he can be well again.



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