Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spaceman - Greetings Earthlings The Mixtape

The young guy has arrived...finally. It is now time for the world to be introduced to Spaceman. Today Spaceman released his "Greetings Earthlings The Mixtape". Personally, I have been waiting on this one for waaaaaayyyy too long. First saw Space a few years back as a hype man for D.Black and thought to myself..."I kinda like this cat". Space has slowly worked his way up the ranks at SnL, and now his time has come. You can pick it up at his blog or at the link below. Don't forget to hit up the dude on twitter and let him know what you think (@Spac3man). I'm glad to finally see him gettin his shine, he is a real personable dude. I brought back some of the previous videos for y'all to peep as well.

The first is a little viral freestyle put out by the SnL crew...shout out to DeVon, Jen, D.Black, Fatal, and the whole crew.

This one features Brainstorm (of Dyme Def) and is produced by Jack The Ripper. Good look at the 206 in this one.

Finally, what all you greedy bastids have been waiting for...though you probably just skipped right to it. I present to you...Spaceman "Greeting Earthlings The Mixtape". Peace.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fresh from the Inbox - Mixtape Monday

Time once again to clean out the inbox of a few things. Wow, have I got some goodies for the kids today...a few mixtapes, and a song or two.

First up Revalations sent through a new joint from M-Dot featuring EMS (Revalation, Desco, and Strick 9) titled Believe Now check it out.

Grynch, in my opinion, is one of the best that is doin it right now in Seattle. Today he released his latest mixtape...Rapping About Rapping mixed by DJ Nphared. If you're gonna be at SXSW then don't miss this dude.

The homey Frank Ramz sent through his latest since becoming a father. Congrats go out, again, to him and Mrs. Ramz for the new addition and mixtape.

The latest installment from Epiphany in the RESPECT mixtape series has arrived. This one is dedicated to the ladies.... In RESPECT Pt. 2 (Womens), Piph "relays his thoughts, frustrations, and triumphs through a semi-narrative, inspired from interactions with women in his social circles".

Last, but certainly not least The Closed Sessions Vol. 1.... "The Closed Sessions EP Vol. 1 contains 14 tracks, and 9 original songs, all created at SoundScape Recordings in Chicago, IL. The songs were created under a simple idea, take talented artists, put them in a studio with other talented artists and producers, give them access to high quality production, and just get out of their way as they do what they do: create great music." 

Well that's all I have for you today...enjoy. Peacel

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Introducing the Subsoniq Crew, Part 2.

subsoniq_logoNext up is my man DQ: Co-Host of the show, and “The Muhammad Ali of Facebook DJ’s” (big thanks to him for getting back to me quickly, and my apologies for being so slow to get this posted). Here we go with: SubSoniq introductions, part 2.

“My name is Adam J. Levine, AKA Deuce Quattro or DQ. I was born and raised in The Boogie Down Bronx, New York City. Naturally when you grow up in NYC, Hip Hop culture is very relevant in everyday life. When I was about 11 years old, I let my cousin hear the new cassette tape I had just made by dubbing songs off the radio ( Hot 97, WBLS, and at the time 98.7 KISS ), as we all used to do. The next day he handed me a different cassette tape and said, " I think you will like this better ". The tape representthatcontained such artists as Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, EPMD, Redman, Black Sheep, Rakim, Brand Nubian, and A Tribe Called Quest. My life was never the same after that day. Like Biggie said "I let my tape rock till my tape popped". I literally did, and THAT was my first introduction to Hip Hop.

Music in general has always been a big part of my family. Every Saturday morning I would wake up to my Mother cleaning our apartment in The Bronx with loud music playing. Usually it was either Salsa Music or any genre of Jazz, in addition to R&B and Soul artists like Anita Baker, Regina Bell, and Sade. Also, my uncle was in a Salsa band and was nasty on the Congas.

In the future you can expect to see more of me covering various events such as our annual visit to the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. I personally feel that if you hear Subsoniq one time, you will tune in on a regular basis. That is how much DQsubstance we bring to the table. We take the " mainstream" and " politics" out and replace it with "REALITY". It's Hip Hop you can relate to, from artists we all know and love, to artists you may not have heard yet. Either way Subsoniq will leave you wanting more, as well as discovering new music and artists on a regular basis.”


- Deuce Quattro

Co-Host of Subsoniq

Check out DQ in action at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival:

For other interviews with artists such as Buckshot, Dead Prez, Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, and more; head on over to the SubSoniq YouTube Channel. The show will be back in your ears this Thursday the 18th. Don’t sleep! Stay tuned at ProgHipHop, on Twitter, fAYCEbook, and of course here at AYCE!


Friday, March 12, 2010

The Kidz Gettin’ Restless

Hola amigos and amigas…been a minute, eh?  We’ve been catchin’ up on some much needed beauty rest around these parts, but no worries fam, we still in it!  You know who else is in it?  Kidz In the Hall, that’s who!  One of my favorite directors – Court Dunn (I’m comin’ for an interview soon homes) – did another in his series of “1-Shots” for “Introlude” off the new Kidz joint, and as usual, I’m a fan.  Peep:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Introducing the Subsoniq Crew, Part 1.


That’s right…I’m not gonna shut up about THIS anytime soon. I have invited our recently canceled (down, but never out) friends over at SubSoniq to introduce themselves, one at a time, in their own words.

First up is K-Murdock, who is no stranger to the pages of AYCE.

My name is Kyle Murdock, better known to the massesK Murdock as K-Murdock of Panacea AND Subsoniq fame. I grew up in the DC Metro Area and like most people, my affinity for music spawned from my family members. Namely my mom who would drive us around as kids with two cassette tapes in HEAVY rotation, Anita Baker: "Rapture" and Luther Vandross: "Give Me the Reason". Naturally, my music predilection was swaying toward R&B (real R&B and not the BS on the radio these days), BUT when I was 9 or so, I snuck into my cousins room at a family get-together and rummaged through his tapes and LPs. I discovered the likes of KRS-One, Gangstarr, De La, and Ice Cube to name a few... my life = changed. I instantly began jocking anything my older K-Murdockcousins had, and the most memorable group was Tribe, especially "The Low End Theory" ... played it so much the tape lettering wore off but I knew it verbatim.... Hell, even today 20 years later I know "LET" and "Midnight Marauders" as well as i know any Panacea albums :). So, shouts to my cousins Marcus, Kenny & Kevin... and also my late uncle Melvin who I grew up listening to on local radio. He was the originator of the "Quiet Storm" format aka "Babies makin' Babies" music.”

This is the first in a series, so stay tuned to hear from the rest of the fellas.

In the meantime, check out K-Murdock’s BLOG, hit him up on TWITTER, and go support he and Raw Poetic’s latest (and highly anticipated) project over at KICKSTARTER. “12 Step” will be released on vinyl, thanks to their loyal fans, but you can still head over there to support some REAL Hip Hop. Pre-order and get some extra goodies.

AYCE fish

BrainSlice out!

OC Notes - Coffee Beans...The Glamour ReWorks

A few days ago PSmoov of Fresh Espresso released the acapellas from their album "Glamour" over at The Proof for the local 206 producers to remix and post as they wish. I'm here to tell you, there have been some dope remixes so far (and they're not done yet). OC Notes took it upon himself to "rework" the entire album, and it turned out kinda fresh. The link is below, go here to download for free or hit the link below. If you are curious to hear the rest of the remixes (so far) you can check them out here.

OC Notes - Coffee Beans: The Glamour Reworks

If you're a producer yourself and want to try your hand at remixing some of Fresh Espresso tracks you can get those here as well. Good luck! 

Bambu - Slow Down featuring Prometheus Brown (Geo of Blue Scholars) Video

WHOA, now this right here...this is some heat. The dudes Bambu and Prometheus Brown (aka Geologic of Blue Scholars) go IN on this joint produced by MTK. The lyrics and delivery is on point...double time it son. The beat is filthy... and to quote Mef, "it's bangin son..." Paper Cuts out now, get it here. Peace.

Bambu: Slow Down (with Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars) from Beatrock Music on Vimeo.

P.S. After seein Bambu in this video...would you mess with him in a dark alley?!? Not this guy...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Get Well Soon, Guru.

Take it back Tuesday is here, and tonight I am writing with a heavy heart. This morning I fired up the Ipod touch while eating breakfast, and found this tweet from Talib Kweli: “Prayin for Guru. He had cardiac arrest and is in a coma. Pray with me.”

Guru is one of my Hip Hop Heroes. It’s tough to describe the feeling. The same sadness I felt when I heard about Jam master Jay, and a few others. When a hero of mine falls, I feel like part of me falls with them.

Q-Tip just updated: “Spoke to preemo. He's in surgery still. keep praying. He's still here.”

I have always held Guru and Premier on a high pedestal. Even at a young age, I recognized that Guru’s lyrics were more socially conscious and insightful than a lot of other MC’s (not to mention smooth and cold as ice). He always seemed like…. that dude that is above all that shit, but if he’s forced to go in and teach you a fuckin’ lesson, he WILL. Right now I am listening to “Full Clip: A Decade of Gangstarr” and I probably won’t stop anytime soon.

He’s down, but not out. Let’s all pray for him and his family. I don’t care if I ever hear a new rhyme from Guru, I just hope he can be well again.