Monday, February 15, 2010

“I wanted to destroy something beautiful.”

Why else would the suits over at SiriusXM cancel the greatest radio show ever created (sorry Ron and Fez)? Subsoniq Radio was canceled on February 2nd. I was about to log in to my online Sirius player when I got this tweet at 9:02 pm:

Subsoniq logo“It is with a heavy heart we relay Subsoniq has been pulled off the Sirius XM platform. more info and feedback @ "

The cancellation of this show was a sucker punch delivered by corporate America straight to the gut of Progressive Hip Hop. It’s bigger than that, though. It is an insult to anyone (fan or artist) that supports the creativity that drives any music that is outside the “mainstream” realm.

What would Tyler Durden do? I’m sure he would have Project Mayhem hard at work manufacturing home-cooked explosivesfight club that would be used to destroy several office buildings, but that’s not how we roll over here at AYCE. We are a peaceful crew.

I must say I was pretty upset about this, and it has been difficult to articulate my feelings. In the aftermath, I’ve been able to chat with the hosts (KB, K-Murdock, and Deuce Quattro), Mike Nova (webmaster of the unofficial site:, Proghiphopand a couple other hardcore fans about the situation. I was reassured that the show will go on, regardless of what platform it is made available upon.

Support from anyone and everyone is appreciated, whether you are familiar with the show or not. Join the fAYCEbook group, and jump on Proghiphop for more info.

Stay tuned here for more information as well. We plan to have ya’ll hear more details directly from those involved.

“Beats, Rhymes, and Life. When the 3 bind, it’s Nice!”


K-Murdock said...

Well written fellas! rest assured, we r down BUT never OUT!


BrainSlice said...

That is exactly what it seems has been happening since the merger. Satellite radio is sounding more and more like terrestrial radio these days. I canceled my premium Sirius account - I was paying extra for "best of XM", and extra receiver, and online listening. So far the only response I've gotten to my emails is a generic message telling me that Hip Hop Nation plays the artists that were featured on Subsoniq. Thanks, but I'll pass.