Saturday, February 27, 2010

Aaaaaand we're back...maybe!

It has been a minute but maybe, just maybe, we'll get a little streak of posts going here. It has be a while since I have cleared out the inbox so I'm gonna post up a few of the most recent, and most notable here for y'all to enjoy.

The first comes courtesy for the big homey Revalation, I got you fam, just may take us sometime...haha. This one from Let's Make Enemies (Mayhem and Tha Silet Partner) and features Revalation himself and Sha Stimuli. Everyday "chronicles the struggles and hardship of everyday life as told by these 3 talented emcees". Been a fan of all three of these dudes since jump, and to have them on one track makes for a nice record.

Next up is the latest leak from Shawn Chrystopher's "Audition EP", Can't Take That From Me which will be released via his website on March 23rd. Mr. Chrystopher is really hit and miss for me, not to say that I won't give this EP a listen, but here you go...

Next up is the first leak from the second installment of Piph's RESPECT mini-mixtape series. The track Apology of Sorts will be featured on RESPECT Pt. 2 (Womens) droppin March 9th.

This last track, Crack The Code, is from "The Closed Session Vol. 1" and features Rhymefest and Skyzoo. The reason, you ask, is because...first: I dig Fest's first album "Blue Collar"; second: this came to us on the heels of a released date for his second, "El Che", droppin May 18th. Here's to hoping that Fest can do it again.

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