Saturday, February 27, 2010

Aaaaaand we're back...maybe!

It has been a minute but maybe, just maybe, we'll get a little streak of posts going here. It has be a while since I have cleared out the inbox so I'm gonna post up a few of the most recent, and most notable here for y'all to enjoy.

The first comes courtesy for the big homey Revalation, I got you fam, just may take us sometime...haha. This one from Let's Make Enemies (Mayhem and Tha Silet Partner) and features Revalation himself and Sha Stimuli. Everyday "chronicles the struggles and hardship of everyday life as told by these 3 talented emcees". Been a fan of all three of these dudes since jump, and to have them on one track makes for a nice record.

Next up is the latest leak from Shawn Chrystopher's "Audition EP", Can't Take That From Me which will be released via his website on March 23rd. Mr. Chrystopher is really hit and miss for me, not to say that I won't give this EP a listen, but here you go...

Next up is the first leak from the second installment of Piph's RESPECT mini-mixtape series. The track Apology of Sorts will be featured on RESPECT Pt. 2 (Womens) droppin March 9th.

This last track, Crack The Code, is from "The Closed Session Vol. 1" and features Rhymefest and Skyzoo. The reason, you ask, is because...first: I dig Fest's first album "Blue Collar"; second: this came to us on the heels of a released date for his second, "El Che", droppin May 18th. Here's to hoping that Fest can do it again.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lo Smooth - All I Know Video

Hmmm, this video came through the inbox with this simple message, "hey i sent you new video for ur site from artist lo-smooth called all i know directed by vul pine films. the mixtape will be out soon hosted by g-unit own dj rob e rob, click link for video ". That's it, no Myspace, no Facebook, no Twitter, no's like the first rapper I ever heard that didn't atleast have some way to contact him. Anyway, I'm too busy to look him up, but the visuals are smooth, the lyrics and delivery is nice. Check out the video below. I can dig it...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Another titillating video from Yeezy, probably coming soon to a boob-tube near you.  Rest assured, AYCE will keep you abreast of all important happenings, so bounce on through anytime!  Yeah…boobies:

Must not have been that cold of a winter…jug, I mean jus sayin’.


Monday, February 15, 2010

“I wanted to destroy something beautiful.”

Why else would the suits over at SiriusXM cancel the greatest radio show ever created (sorry Ron and Fez)? Subsoniq Radio was canceled on February 2nd. I was about to log in to my online Sirius player when I got this tweet at 9:02 pm:

Subsoniq logo“It is with a heavy heart we relay Subsoniq has been pulled off the Sirius XM platform. more info and feedback @ "

The cancellation of this show was a sucker punch delivered by corporate America straight to the gut of Progressive Hip Hop. It’s bigger than that, though. It is an insult to anyone (fan or artist) that supports the creativity that drives any music that is outside the “mainstream” realm.

What would Tyler Durden do? I’m sure he would have Project Mayhem hard at work manufacturing home-cooked explosivesfight club that would be used to destroy several office buildings, but that’s not how we roll over here at AYCE. We are a peaceful crew.

I must say I was pretty upset about this, and it has been difficult to articulate my feelings. In the aftermath, I’ve been able to chat with the hosts (KB, K-Murdock, and Deuce Quattro), Mike Nova (webmaster of the unofficial site:, Proghiphopand a couple other hardcore fans about the situation. I was reassured that the show will go on, regardless of what platform it is made available upon.

Support from anyone and everyone is appreciated, whether you are familiar with the show or not. Join the fAYCEbook group, and jump on Proghiphop for more info.

Stay tuned here for more information as well. We plan to have ya’ll hear more details directly from those involved.

“Beats, Rhymes, and Life. When the 3 bind, it’s Nice!”

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brothers From Another - Dukes of the Hood Video

Another dope little video from BFA for Dukes of the Hood featuring Rebel. I dig the transition from Breez to Goonstar (think I got that right) in the beginning. The black and white is fresh too. These dudes are steppin up as of late and doing nice things. You can grab their free EP here. Peace.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dyme Def - Do Something Video

Here it goes, the video for Do Something off Dyme Def's new project.  This is definitely a dope video from the dudes and features Gianna Michaels, yes that Gianna Michaels, and whole gaggle of fine ass ladies. Now this video is boarderline "Not Safe For Work", but then again you must not give a shit if you're here already! Check it out!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Up eaaarly...

So I thought I'd drop off a couple videos and some other goodies that I meant to get out last night. First is from BeanOne...a nice little Smokey Robinson and Crooklyn Dodgers remix and video. Now this is the type of shit that we have come to expect from Bean...genius.

The second is some behind the scenes footage from the video shoot for Slow Down off Bambu's soon to be released joint, "Paper Cuts". The song features Seattlites Geologic (of Blue Scholars) and production by MTK. First, this beat goes hard. Second, these double-timing like crazy and third...this beat goes hard!

As I was surfin around The Proof yesterday I found a thread titled "Akrish - "Let's Talk About Me" featuring Spaceman and Brainstorm". I thought to myself..."self you like Spaceman and you like Brainstorm, you should check that out". So that's what I did, the track is dope. Seems like every time Space and Brain get on a track's nice. I haven't heard much, if anything from Akrish, aside from a brief appearance at Spaceman's show but they all got bars on this one...and it's produced by Brainstorm. Say dat den...

Peace, y'all have a good weekend...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grieves, Budo, and Rhymesayers...

A big congratulations goes out to Grieves and Budo for their recent signing to Rhymesayers. I first heard Grieves a few years back when he released "Irreversible", which to this day is still an album I listen to on the regular...and this joint right here...dope. Along with the signing comes a re-issue of Grieves (with Budo) sophomore album "88 Keys and Counting" on March 2nd, a US tour with supporting P.O.S and then a European tour supporting Brother Ali. You can read more about it here. Congrats again to Grieves and Budo. Peace.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Who made who……

It is officially “Take It Back Tuesday”. What’s that? Well, it’s this thing that we said we’d do, and then we don’t do. Today is a new day though, and I GOT this. When it comes to musical preferences, The BrainSlice is a walking contradiction. I often ponder the evolution of my strange playlists. If you dig deep enough, I really think you can see a method to the madness. One of the reasons I have always loved Hip Hop is the because it is inextricably intertwined with every other type of music I Limp_bizkit1love. Extrapolate that.

I’m not talking about corny-ass rap/rock groups, or Puff Daddy/Jimmy page collaborations (whack), or Lil’ Wayne making a “rock” album (just stop dude, seriously, just go to jail and read some books). single prom I’m talking about samples of amazing music that are recycled to make MORE amazing music. I’m talking about Hip Hop artists that grew up listening to Marvin Gaye and The Clash, and pay homage to them in their own music (hypothetically, not realistically speaking). How could you NOT love a Hip Hop MC or producer that lists Guns N Roses, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, and Credence Clearwater Revival as their influences? It seems like every progressive artist I hear interviewed lately wants to work with Bjork…..weird. Not as weird as me imagining Biz Markie’s voice flowing, no, stumbling, over pretty much any rock guitar riff and sounding like it has always belonged there.

My Ipod is a fucking train wreck. From Metallica to Morcheeba, Prince to People Under the Stairs, and Beastie Boys to Bob Dylan, it just doesn’t make sense. I got news for you though, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO MAKE SENSE.

One of my all-time favorite albums is Paul’s Boutique. The Beastie Boys hit a home-run on this one. Problem is beastie-boysno one was watching (or listening) because West-Coast gangsta rap was taking center stage about then. Go back and listen to License To Ill. It’s packed full of great samples, like John Bonham’s ridiculous drums off of Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks”. Then listen to Paul’s Boutique. Not only is it full of samples, but they are MULTI-LAYERED samples. Seriously, these white boys sampled EVERYTHING, including Johnny Cash. This album is always on my Ipod. BrainSlice out.


U-N-I featuring Evidence - Pussy

Who doesn't love them some...U-N-I? Haha, goes a new leak from their new project, A Love Supreme 2.0, Pussy featuring Evidence. Love Supreme 2.0 in stores March 9th! South End is where it's at!

B.o.B AKA Bobby Ray - May 25th Mixtape

Oh happy day...some new Bobby Ray! Ok, ok, lemme stop there. DJ Drama and DJ Sense are hosting B.o.B (AKA Bobby Ray) new mixtape "The May 25th Mixtape".  The only thing better would be if B.o.B dropped off a "sans DJ" will come! Stay tuned, "The Adventures of Bobby Ray" coming May 25th. Last night the good men at 2dopeboyz uploaded all his previous tapes and put them here. Covers and link after the jump....