Monday, January 25, 2010

The Piano-ramic View of K-Murdock…

This morning I woke up and made coffee. Then I decided the best way to spend my day was to send harassing E-mails to K-Murdock: Hip Hop Soldier, Producer Extraordinaire, and Co-Host of SubSoniq (the only Hip Hop radio show worth listening to these days). Yeah, you might have heard of him…he makes up 50% of the group Panacea, and if you follow him on Twitter you will find that he is ALWAYS hard at work on one project or another. He was kind enough to email back and forth with me, answer some questions, and make sure AYCE had an advance download of his new album to review.


Mr. K-Murdock’s latest solo-project, which is packed with guests, hits “da innanets” (as my co-worker calls it) tomorrow. Piano-rama is the name. I will let the man himself explain where the title comes from:

I first got a taste of this from K’s Blog: . When I found out the album was being released primarily on USB Flash drive, I decided to give K a new name: THE FUTURE. While I understand that fans Piano-rama_USBCard_front (me included) like to hold a CD with album art in their hand, I think it is a great idea. It enables the artist to give us a lot more stuff. If you don’t believe me, check out what K is including on his USB drive.

I don’t claim to be all-knowing, so I gotta admit that I am a fairly new fan. I was introduced when I started listening to the SubSoniq show about a year or two ago. Big Daddy Catch, however, had not been sleepin’ on this shit. He has been a fan since the beginning of Panacea, which is why he decided to grace us with his presence and help me out with this one. Catch?

MeFatHead_v3 : First off…I can’t claim to be the number one fan. Not that I don’t want to be though, because I’ve been noddin’ my noggin’ to the dulcet tones of Panacea since I first got tipped to The Scenic Route! But, it’s hard to keep on top of everything when you want to be a blogger…or a part-timer…or occasional contributor…whatever I’ve become. PanaceaI just don’t get to go back to my favorites as much as I like – Panacea definitely falling in my “favorites” category.  Regardless, K-Murdock and Raw Poetic put it down as a duo, and luckily, don’t seem to lose any of their magic on the solo tip.

Like Brain said, seems like everything K does comes out golden; from golden-era sounds to progressive grooves both on the boards, and on the radio…dude is talent personified! Not only do I love the concept of Piano-rama, but also, like Brain, I’m a big fan of the USB card idea. I fucking hate iTunes…there, I said it. When Piano-rama_USBCard_back2I drop dough on something, I want it physically present in my hands – call me old-fashioned, but I’ll call you a douche. Can’t help it, I want quality in the music, and in the packaging…I think K has accomplished both with this one!! What say you B?

Joe_FatHead: Amen Catch, the only time I’ve bought a download from iTunes or anywhere else is when it’s the ONLY place I can get it (yes I’m aware I could jack that shit off a torrent, and I think you are a punk bitch if you choose to do that rather than support the artist). What has the world come to? When I was a kid, it took balls to steal music. Once again I must apologize to Ice Cube for shoving “The Predator” down my pants and walking out of the store. I was pretty gangster, I have to admit.

I digress. I’m feelin’ this whole album to be honest, but I gotta say the first one that grabs me is “The Up-Rizing” featuring Real Reid and Damu The Fudgemunk . I am always a lyrics dude, and this track is so full of them that it’s bursting at the seams. “not Dilated Peoples/definitely need Evidence/the weatherman predicted/there might be a storm”. I have alwaysk-murdock2 been fascinated by the organic relationship between the production and the rhymes.    K-Murdock seems to have the  ability to bring out the best in an MC (and always choose the right man for the job). What track does Catch like?

MeFatHead_v3 : To me, Piano-rama is like a big-ass, Costco-sized bag of Lay’s Potato Chips, and I can’t seem to stop myself from rifling through them tasty little morsels like a fat man at Old Country Buffet! I think knowing how long it took to get “A Better Kiss Goodbye” into the public ear (K said he first recorded this one back in 2002!!), really makes me appreciate it even more than I would anyway! I think I might have to request that one to be played for the three people at my funeral. You wanna go B? You’re invited. But while I’m at it, the seamless transition to “Hello Light” feels oh-so-right as it continues to make you contemplate your past…feeling every keystroke and hit of the high-hat. Dope – but I could say that about just about every track. Great guest list too! What’s your cut, though, B?

Joe_FatHead : “The Gauntlet” with Random and Raw Poetic is my favorite track right now. I love the piano sample in this one. I just gotta say that a lot of my favorite Hip Hop tracks have some piano in there. Just think about it. From “Still D.R.E.” off The Chronic 2001 to “Coastin’” off Zion I’s The Takeover, piano does it. It’s like K-Murdock read my mind. Amazing production, serious lyricism.

MeFatHead_v3 : Too true bruh…the real star of this joint is the piano – I know, I know: “Paging Dr. Obvious…Dr. Obvious, please report to the blog post.” Seriously though, the Art4_Pianorama_1 way he deftly weaves it in and out of every track and transition is a sound to behold: Sometimes it takes center-stage, stealing every ounce of your attention as the keys take a pounding at the hands of K-Murda; other times it steps into the background and lets the rest of the cast get a little shine. And then there’s the way that the keyboard vs. real piano argument is addressed…man, it really is too much to digest in just the couple of listens I’ve been able to give it so far. Color me sprung, and sign me up B!

Joe_FatHead : Go cop this album HERE. 100% of your hard-earned cash goes to the artist when you buy the download at Bandcamp. If you want the USB Drive (which you definitely do), go HERE.


Big thanks to K-Murdock for giving us something new and positive to enjoy. In case I didn’t mention it, this album has been 7 YEARS in the making. Give homeboy some love! BrainSlice and Catch, out.  But not before we raise our bottles and give Piano-rama its just due rating:







P.S. – The cover art is fucking ill – perfectly understated.

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K-Murdock said...

Honestly, this may be the best review i have had, u guys had me rollin with the back and forth! props to you all, and thank you so much! anything u need in the future... DONE!