Thursday, January 28, 2010

Basic-ally Speaking…

In light of last night’s happenings in our nation’s capital (that was one for the ages Mr. President!), I thought it proper to put our attention to some new music coming from the DMV.  Thanks to the folks over at my first stop o’ imagethe day, I ran across this new duo’s debut and thought I’d give it a whirl.  While DTMD’s The Basics EP might not  inspire the nation like Barry (or at least those of us in the blue), it definitely ain’t causin' Judge Alito to make the gas-face either!  (Ahem…fuck off Judge.)
Anyway, DTMD is “Dunc ‘n Toine Makin’ Dollars” (they pay homage to the legendary inspiration for their name by asking Erick and Parrish to listen to their demo, LOL).  These two young cats have apparently been puttin’ in work since their elementary days, but after a few different ideas and projects, they finally settled on the DTMD formula: Dunc makes the beats, and Toine lays down the lyrics.
Their debut, The Basics EP, is short and sweet with six quick tracks to lend your ears to - five if you take away the intro (which is just them giving us a glimpse into their hip-hop resumes – set to a filthy, jazzy backdrop btw).  First off, I’m diggin’ Dunc’s beats: from the horn-heavy and well-layered, to the simplistic and low-key, they were well crafted and had my head bobbin’ most of the way through.  “Champion” gets you hype right out the gate,  I think this track is a good beginning – plus, anytime you mention one of my favorite tracks of all time (“Oodles of O’s”), you get bonus points from this guy.
Speakin’ of the spoken, Toine is a perfectly apt MC.  I don’t think he’s going to leave you with your jaw hangin’, or diving for the rewind button, but he has a smooth delivery and tone, with quality rhymes (elephant in the room: he does have a lisp, but it’s not overly distracting, and in fact it becomes a cool part of his cadence).  Subject-wise, he touches on all the usual suspects, but not without some distinct flow and deep thought, like on the track “You”:    “I’m tryin’ to kick divine knowledge with a slave tongue / In the fields tryin’ to harvest liberation / Reside in the streets these ni**as was raised from / Hopin’ the dialect can reach down and save one.”  It’s hard to pick just one line though; most of his lyrics need the whole verse to do them justice, and I like that.  The more you listen, the more he grows on you too.
That’s a recurring theme here: my first impression was more towards a “meh,” but this EP has quickly grown on me with each additional listen.    Like I said, it’s not groundbreaking, but it is good music and should definitely be heard.  So, don’t be a close-minded red-stater, give DMTD a go, peeps.  The Basic EP may not get health care reform passed, but it will have you feelin’ good  from beginning to end…and hey, at least it’s something positive coming out of our nation’s capital!

P.S. – I forgot to mention one important thing: The Basic EP is FREE!!!  No higher taxes involved!  Get it HERE!


BrainSlice said...

Is Red State/Blue State the same thing as Red Pill/Blue Pill? Hmmmmm. Let's go see how far down the rabbit hole goes!

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catch91 said...

Did he just call us "sun shines"? He really is a "dump and downright stupid person!"