Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome to you’re “DOOM.”

Do you think I would ACTUALLY misspell something? There is a reason for this….wait….wait….I lost it. I thought I had mfdoom something there. This Doom shit just magically appeared in this thing I have called an “inbox”. The infranet is a magical thing made of tubes. Tubes that sometimes deliver things to me that I love. Other times things that will forever scar my psyche and impair my mental health. This track is definitely in the former category. Please click HERE. The Madvillain, MF DOOM. Master Lyricist. I got nothin’ else to say.

P.S. Doom did an album with DangerMouse featuring various AdultSwim characters...a long time ago. It was amazing. If you don't know, please act like you do.

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