Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Edison - Music Made With Buttons 2.0 Video

This shit was crazy to me...check it out, followed by a little back ground.

...Edison playing the Monome (64 button beat machine) made from a converted lunchbox. Sounds crazy right? This is the second edition of the Music Made with Buttons Series. The first was done by Egadz! which currently sits at over 217,000 plays. The video was done in real time and one take, with the sound recorded straight into the camera.
You can peep more about Edison and the rest of the Kid Without Radio crew here. Edison will be dropping his debut album, "All The Information At Hand" on 12/22.

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Anonymous said...

I like this Benny, I'm glad you don't always post bullshit. By that I mean I usually like what you post. Can I get your phone #? Or just "hit me on twitter". My name is "5$footlong".