Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Do Something" before the "Sex.Tape"...

Huh? Maybe I should surf around the Proof more often...there is some decent stuff to be found there. For instance, today I found the artwork and track list for Dyme Def's soon to be released "Sex.Tape". By "soon to be released", I mean on (or around) December 15th. You can actually preview all the tracks here.
Before that though, there will be a mixtape. The DJ Scene hosted "Do Something" mixtape on December 10th. Looks like their having a mixtape release party at....Cowgirls Inc? Huh? Must just be a party, cause I can't imagine any kind of performance there. Are those dudes gonna dance on the bar with the ladies??? I might pay to see that!!!

Track List
01) I Got You
02) Timeless
03) Do Something
04) All Night Long (feat. Spaid)
05) First Time (feat. Spaid)
06) Do It Better
07) Anecdote
08) Rockin' The Boat
09) Wet Dreams (feat. Spaid)
10) La Bamba
11) Light Switch

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