Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm baaaaack...

It has been far too long but I wanted to get somethings out the inbox before the holiday weekend. Oh, and an early Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. While y'all are stuffing yourselves silly, and then sleeping it all off, I will be wandering the halls of work aimlessly. Thank for that!

While some of you out there may care, Obie Trice has a new album comin out. "Special Reserve" will be released on December 15th for those of you stated above. I never really got into dude, but to each their own I guess. Here is the first couple leaks, judge for yourself.

The first installment of Epiphany's DJ Booth and WeAllScheme sponsored mixtape series, RESPECT, is here and titled "Epiphany". Haven't had an opportunity to listen just yet, but from what I have heard in the past dude has some potential. "Womens", "Life", and "Natch" will follow 12/08, 12/22, and 01/05, respectively, to complete the series. Because I was late gettin to it before, I have included the promotional video and a track, Good Lie, which is not included on the mixtape. Track list and link for "Epiphany" below.

1. From Here
2. Stuck Flow
3. Gotta Get It
4. Relax Muzik
5. Your Song Sucks
6. 5 Dollas feat. Gina Gee
7. Still 5 On It
8. Full Access
9. Quite Like I Can feat. Gina Gee
10. Hey There Hata feat. Suga City & JP

I gotta take a time out here to apologize to the homey Rev...he sent this M-Dot video through hella long ago and I'm just now gettin it up. Big ups though, this video is much better than the last one. So here goes the official video for M-Dot's Backstabbers/No Turning Back off that "M.usically D.riven O.ver T.ime" out soon.

This has been out for a minute as well, but I heard a couple tracks and it's pretty dope so I thought I would throw it up for y'all. Honestly, I hadn't heard much about Dominique Larue but I'm lookin forward to checkin out the rest of this mixtape!

Well kids, I think that about does it, we should be about caught up (for now) maybe I should get back to work...riiiiiiggghhht. Peace.

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