Thursday, November 12, 2009

BrainSlice and the weekend...

The old homey BrainSlice caught a flight last Friday to the 206 to kick it with Catch and I for a few days...and what a few days it turned out to be. The whiskey and beer were flowin like they were a fresh mountain spring and it took me a few days to recuperate. It started the moment he got off the plane and continued all weekend. Caught a few shows and missed a couple performances because we drank too damn much. Check out the rundown:

My buddy Troye has been tellin me about his guy Larue for a while now, and even sent through a few tracks off his new mixtape "Larue In The Streets". I never did get a chance to listen, so BrainSlice, Troye, and I decided to hit up his show at the Vera Project. I can't say that I was surprised that I liked what I heard, Troye and I have a lot of the same taste when it comes to hip hop, and this was no different. What did surprise me was how well Larue performed on stage. I think this was one of his first, if not his first, "headliner" show. Up until Larue took the stage, I wasn't real impressed by what I had heard from the other acts. For what he may lack in experience on stage he more than made up for with energy. I thought he did a good show. We met up with them after the show and had some drinks and shot some pool. Larue was an all around good dude. You can check him out at the link above or on his twitter (@Larue206). The mixtape is nice to, check a few tracks below that Troye sent to me.

Larue - Heatwave

Larue - Larue Gone Mad

Larue - On A Good One

Sunday was a LOOOOONG day for sure. We started tailgating the Seahawks game at about 10am. After a few drinks there we got BrainSlice to his first NFL game, a Seahawks win (hey it may have been Detroit but at least we didn't lose...*cough Redskins choke*). We were due to head over to Neumos around 8 to the Swollen Members show featuring Big B, Bliss N Eso, and Common Market. Needless to say the drinks had taken their toll, and we passed out for a few hours after the game and missed all but Swollen Members.

If you remember, BrainSlice recently did an interview with MadChild of Swollen Members and struck up a bit of a friendship. After the show we met up with MadChild and got to kick it with the guys and chop it up a bit. All of them were totally chill, laid back guys. This is when we met Bliss N Eso. Bliss, Eso, and DJ Izm comprise the Australian group Bliss N Eso. The dudes gladly gave us a copy of their "Flying Colours Mixtape" and after a couple listens, I am pissed that we missed their performance. These dudes spit straight fire. When they handed us the mixtape is came with a simple request, "burn that shit, copy it, hand it out, give it away, just get it out there". So here it is...definitely worth the download. You can hit the guys up on myspace, youtube, or twitter. Peep the link and a couple videos below.

Bliss N Eso - Flying Colours Mixtape

This would be my first experience with Swollen Members, other than listening to their new album "Armed To The Teeth". BrainSlice, on the other hand, has been a fan since the beginning. It's good to go to a show unbiased about the music sometimes, you never know what to expect. I gotta say, I was impressed...Prevail, MadChild, Tre Nyce, and Rob the Viking put on a great show. MadChild was even fighting off a bit of the flu, but still tromped around the stage like a madman. To this day, Prevail is the only dude I have seen spit his verse while stage diving and crowd surfing. Tre Nyce is the "new" guy. Having not heard much SM prior to Tre, I thought dude was dope...singing hooks, delivery, stage presence, everything. Tre, you were right my dude, it was cold as shit out there!!! If you don't have "Armed To The Teeth" go cop it now! I'm gonna work on gettin some of that older Swollen Members. Below is a video for Bollywood Chick off the new album, and SM playing to the Seattle crowd with their take on Nirvana.

All in all, a great weekend. Got to hang with BrainSlice (can't believe it's been like 10 years), a Seahawks win, and some great hip hop. Peace!

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BrainSlice said...

Glad you got that video Benny. Tre made me a believer with this. He spits hot fire!