Thursday, October 1, 2009

Panacea – Corkscrew Gaps


Fluidity is the first word that comes to mind when I try to describe it. I may not know as much about Hip Hop as you THINK you do, but I know what I like, and I like this. Also, I am a new fan of Panacea. I started checking out K-Murdock and Raw Poetic about the same time I discovered Subsoniq (which was not too long ago – click that last link to hear about it). So stop right here and click: Panacea and download this shit if you have not already. Just in case you are a little slow, here is the link again (with some spaces before and after to make it more obvious where your dumb ass needs to click):

Panacea – Corkscrew Gaps

K-Murdock sent the new EP through to me the other night while I was enjoying the Subsoniq show on BackSpin (Sirius/XM), which he co-hosts. I gotta say I sometimes get stuck in a rut, listening to the same shit over and over. Not the same album or artist, but stuff that feels similar. A recent example would be La Coka Nostra and Slaughterhouse – as opposed to Mos Def and Talib Kweli. I don’t love one more than the other, but sometimes I need a little push. Thanks to Panacea for giving me that. The production is smooth, and the lyrics are sick. It is flowing, ethereal, and positive – it is the Hip Hop that we all need in these times of uncertainty. So, get the EP, check out their Blog at, and . . . . fuck, do I have to spell everything out?! If you can’t find ‘em, learn how to use Google. By the way, “What’s the most you’ve ever lost in a coin toss?”



Benny B said...

Just listenin now...diggin it so far. Pack-Up Lines and Reasons are on another level lyrically with that insane flow. Close is a nice chill interlude...that soft sultry voice makes me wanna chill.

K-Murdock said...

Dope write-up man, we appreciate it.. and the nod to the "No Country" line is classic, Friend-O!

Thanx for reppin,