Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BET hip hop awards cyphers

Didn't get to see the show, not that I would have watched anyway, but have been catchin the cyphers online here. There was some dope shit spit...Black Thought, Em, and Mos...WOW. That's like a heavyweight rumble royal right there. I'm gonna pose this question again...why is Black Thought not on anyone's "Top 5" or at least "Top 10" MC list? Dude is MAD underrated and, in my opinion, one of the most versatile cats in the game...real talk.

Em startin to look and sound like the Em of old too.... Nicki Minaj....gtfoh. KRS One droppin knowledge...and Joe Budden, say what you will, dude has B A R S. Peace.

Saturday, October 24, 2009



I have always liked that phrase. I don’t know where it came from, but it is a fitting title for the new Swollen Members album that drops TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27th.

I spoke with Mad Child recently, and one of the questions IMadchild2 wanted to ask was about the title. I pretty much forgot about that question, and the 500 others I had prepared. It would have been a stupid question anyway. When the phone interview was set up, I was told we had 25 minutes. Mad Child could not have been a nicer dude, and we ended up talking for an hour. As a result, I have decided to do a two-part post. Stay tuned for more details about the interview.

I have been a fan of S&M for a long time. The first album I bought was Heavy. The next day I bought everything else the record store had (Balance, Bad Dreams, Monsters In The Closet). Since that magical time (when I didn’t give a fuck about the internet, and listened to new albums on a Discman at my local record store), they have released two studio albums: Black Magic and on Tuesday, Armed To the Teeth. One of the great things about these albums is the order of the tracks…they are made to be a complete listening experience from beginning to end. Black Magic was amazing. One of the highlights for me was “Weight” which featured Ghostface Killah, and was produced by none other than The Alchemist. Why do I always fucking digress? We are talking about the new album dammit.

SwollenMembers1 It seems to me that Mad Child, Prevail, and Rob the Viking got backed into a corner in the last 3 years. Rather than languish, cry like bitches, and give up… they came out swingin’ like Battle Axe Warriors…..With the help of SubNoize Records, Tre Nyce, Everlast, Talib Kweli, Slaine, Glasses Malone, Young Kazh (please drop the Young, you just don’t need it!), and Tech N9ne.

This album is dope. I have to admit that a couple tracks kind of left me scratchin’ my head, but I do appreciate them a little more after my conversation with Mad Child. I’m still wondering why my copy did not include the 2 final tracks with La Coka Nostra and Glasses Malone, but I’m sure I’ll hear them eventually.

Go ahead and form your own opinion, because I don’t give a fuck, and I’m pretty sure they don’t either! Really though, Mad Child was sincerely interested in my thoughts as a fan, and I appreciated that. Favorite tracks right now: Bang Bang, Kyla, My Life, Concerto, and Warrior - check out the video:

Check out the fAYCEbook page.

Check out their channel on YouTube.

How ‘bout the ghetto of the internet: myspAYCE.

Oh, yeah, there is also this gay-ass thing called twitter.

Touring RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW. Check the dates HERE.

SwollenMembersTourFlyer I will be in Seattle on November 8th for the show, thanks to a couple good friends named Benny B and Catch91. Please join us for an evening of fucking chaos.

P.S. You may think that Swollen Members is not your particular brand of whisky, but that is most likely because you are one of those pussies that coughs and sputters when sipping a Scotch and water. Grow some nuts and listen to it.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something New Remix...

So I'm back and gonna work to get a few things caught up this week. Lemme start off by sayin, if you have yet to cop that Fresh Espresso album...then I'm not sure all the punches to the throat, face, nuts, etc. are going to be enough to save your shitty excuse of a life. This shit gets better each and every time I listen to it. Then I come home from a long weekend of drinking and gambling to find that Catch's buddy, Stephan (@GrayMattr), had shot a video of, arguably, one of my favorite songs from "Glamor" called Something New. Then when I looked closer it was the Something New Remix featuring Grynch, Macklemore, and Larry Mizell Jr. Wow, this is dope stuff...a new verse from PSMOOV woulda been nice though. Not sure if he could top the original though, "she did this tongue roll/on my uh-oh/just so/I thought I was gonna uxplode/then I would need Dr. Huxtable"...genius. I gotta say the dude Stephan does some amazing work and I'm looking forward to seeing more *foreshadowing*. Peep the video below...

Sole & The Skyrider Band - Battlefields

So we got an email in the inbox the other day regarding Sole & The Skyrider Band and I really didn't know what to think. There have only been a few "experimental" hip-hop songs/artists that I have really been able to get down with.... I downloaded their "Battlefields EP" and, interestingly enough, I am diggin a few of these tracks. You can get it for free here. The video below is pretty dope too. If you're feelin those then go here to stream and cop their new album "Plastique".

Epiphany - Be Cool X 2 Clean Flow

The dudes over at We All Scheme sent through a couple more tracks from Epiphany. So far, I'm lookin forward to this little "mini mixtape series" called RESPECT. RESPECT will be released as 4 "mini-mixtapes" with 6-8 tracks each that will be accompanied with audio/visuals related to 4 different themes that Piph feels people need to respect. Keep an eye out for these startin in Mid-November sometime.

M-Dot - BackStabbers

M-Dot goes in over the O'Jays cut of the same name BackStabbers. Rev tells me they shot a video to this one as well. This song will be featured on M-Dot's "M.usically D.riven O.ver T.ime" to be released sometime in the near future. Until then, keep an eye out for the video for this one coming in the next couple weeks.

I told Rev that I would post up this next video for G'd Up featuring Se7en, Dre Robinson, and M-Dot. I hate to be the negative guy, but this video really doesn't do a whole lot for me. The song goes too hard to have this video. M-Dot and Dre Robinson definitely go in...that's the other reason I posted it. Peace.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Where One More Wild Thing Is…

Ummm… remember when I pointed to kanYe’s rehab-rumors and laughed?  Well, after watching this new video collab with Spike Jonez (via The Rap Up), I take it back…this muhfucka needs to check himself into the Betty Ford – STAT!  Peep:

OK, in actuality, this is an amazing piece of work: amazingly dark, amazingly honest introspective, amazingly…well, weird.  Could this be the beginning of a more humble, back-to-basics era in Ye’s career?  Hmmm…  Naaaaahhhh…he was probably just hungry as fuck when he made this!





“Bitch, where’s my chicken?”











Wednesday, October 14, 2009

TJ Houshmandzadeh - Overtime

TJ's cut below on the Nike Sports Music: Gameday Remix. Kinda dope...say what you will about the green jerseys as well, but I think they're kinda dope as well. Props to 2dopeboyz for the linkage!

SOL - Dear Friends, EP Vol. 1

Seattle based and "Denzel, WA" representer SOL released his new EP "Dear Friends, EP Vol. 1" for the people. You can get it for free.99 here. Head on over to your new favorite networking site and follow the dude as well, @solzilla. Peace.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Some goodies for the kids...

Just got a few things here for you, and apparently it's "post a video or 90 Friday"! Q-Tip and Norah Jones make a beautiful video for a beautiful song, Life Is Better. This song, and video, is so relaxing, I dig it.

Mick Boogie sent through his NBA Live 10 Mixtape...the track list looks dope with artists like Kidz In The Hall, Donnis, Mickey Factz, B.o.B, 88 Keys, Afrika Bambaataa, De La Soul, and more. Not to mention that it is a free download as well...I do love free music!

The homey's Thurzday and Yo released the video for Pulp Fiction Part I featuring Fashawn. The song and video are dope...and shout out to Yo for the old school corduroy Seahawks cap! Be on the lookout for for the announcement of their official album coming soon...hopefully!

Masta Ace and EDO. G released a video for Little Young. Damn, I didn't realize there were that many rappers with "Little" and "Young"...kinda stoopid. Don't forget, "Arts & Entertainment" out November 3rd.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I love the smell of free music in the morning! Thanks to them crazy cats at Double-D, that’s exactly the whiff I got when I opened up the inbox today. Granted, I’ve heard most of these cuts already, but you gotta appreciate getting all these gems in one nice, neat little package…plus the cover is dope! Peep:



D, motherfucker, D! As in Duck Down that is. Head over here for the free DL.



Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brainstorm - Mafia Music Freeverse

The homey Brainstorm let loose another heater from Dyme Def's "No Beat Is Safe" promotion on his twitter today. This time Brain goes in over Rick Ross's Mafia Music. This is that good stuff people...peace.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Panacea – Corkscrew Gaps


Fluidity is the first word that comes to mind when I try to describe it. I may not know as much about Hip Hop as you THINK you do, but I know what I like, and I like this. Also, I am a new fan of Panacea. I started checking out K-Murdock and Raw Poetic about the same time I discovered Subsoniq (which was not too long ago – click that last link to hear about it). So stop right here and click: Panacea and download this shit if you have not already. Just in case you are a little slow, here is the link again (with some spaces before and after to make it more obvious where your dumb ass needs to click):

Panacea – Corkscrew Gaps

K-Murdock sent the new EP through to me the other night while I was enjoying the Subsoniq show on BackSpin (Sirius/XM), which he co-hosts. I gotta say I sometimes get stuck in a rut, listening to the same shit over and over. Not the same album or artist, but stuff that feels similar. A recent example would be La Coka Nostra and Slaughterhouse – as opposed to Mos Def and Talib Kweli. I don’t love one more than the other, but sometimes I need a little push. Thanks to Panacea for giving me that. The production is smooth, and the lyrics are sick. It is flowing, ethereal, and positive – it is the Hip Hop that we all need in these times of uncertainty. So, get the EP, check out their Blog at, and . . . . fuck, do I have to spell everything out?! If you can’t find ‘em, learn how to use Google. By the way, “What’s the most you’ve ever lost in a coin toss?”