Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Know How I Know You’ve Gone Pop???

It’s not the borderline skinny-jeans.  The last album was a good indicator, but…no, that’s not it.  The endless collabos with pop-py stars of all genres?  Getting warmer, but that’s not the proof I’ve been looking for.  I mean, truth be told, there are countless ways to tell that kanYe has in fact flown from his one-time perch above hip-hop, and landed smack-dab in the douchey middle of the pop-star world.  But this one….this one takes the cake folks:

Kanye West is rumored to be headed for rehab.


Excuse me for a minute while I feel sorry for Mr. West (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).    People like Britney, Amy, and Lindsay go to rehab when they have troubles; Hip-hop stars go to jail, son.  I mean, we all knew Ye had issues (he musta been drunk to think Beyonce’s video was one of the best of all time…her body, yes.  Video? no – and really, who gives a shit who paid MTV for the moonman anyway??).  But if this proves true…wow: 

Gatekeeper: “’Scuse me, Mr. West?”

kanYe: “Yes?”

Gatekeeper: “Do you happen to have your ghetto pass somewhere handy?”

kanYe: “Why yes, fine sir,  I have it right here.”

/Ye hands it to the gatekeeper who promptly rips it to shreds and stomps on the pieces before setting them on fire.

Gatekeeper: “Fuck outta here!!!!  Rehab-going, Louis-wearin’ muhfucker.  Learn how to hold your Hen’ bitch!”



K-Murdock said...

LOL! r u serious, Ye in rehab, i smell reality TV show... man, just imagine the ish he'll make post-rehab, and u thought 808s would be his last tangent release :) LOL

Gr8 post!

BrainSlice said...

hahahaha ohhh shit, when Catch posts, he posts HARD! ..pause. Like I said before (not sayin I'm a prophet or anything) In the bible of Hip Hop, Mr. West is still just a footnote to me. Waitin' for him to prove otherwise. "Sorry Taylor, it's the sippy-sippy" hahahahaa!