Tuesday, September 22, 2009

“I Do It For Hip Hop”

I have been less than stellar in my blog-posting duties lately. That doesn’t mean I have not been trying . . I’ve been lookin’ for inspiration pretty hard. Ironically, as I write this, Helmet and House of Pain (collabo from the “Judgment Night” soundtrack - “Just Another Victim”) are screaming at me and it seems eerily appropriate for my state of mind. . . maybe Jesus speaks to me through the Itunes DJ? I feel like the world, the radio, and people in general have beaten me down, but redemption is in the struggle. I am still, and always will be, a soldier for Hip Hop. I have been forced to go it alone without my Sirius radio and my Ipod at work lately and it is killing me. It seems like life hit me with the force of those Katrina waves against the levee. Thanks for the swift kick in the nuts, karma. I have an amazing woman by my side, but some enemies you must fight on your own. What enemy is that? Me (if you don’t get that, read some Sun Tzu). I must change my attitude. . . this does not mean I am relinquishing my right to hate on whomever I choose, but it does mean that I need to remember that I LOVE Hip Hop, and I will strive to look for the positive before I scream about the negative from the rooftops. As always, my relationship to music seems to mirror my attitude towards myself and life in general. I gotta say thank you to Benny, Catch, Subsoniq, my little brother, and my wife for helping me out. Peace.


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