Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fresh From the Inbox...Comatose Edition

Man, sometimes it just doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day, week, month, or year to do the things that you want to do. September has flown by...and for no damn reason at all. Maybe it's because football season is upon us and the Seahawks are 1-1 after getting run over by the Alas, we still have's to you Seahwaks!

So on to the post. The homey Frank Ramz comes through with a couple of jams of his upcoming joint "Prestige & Promise". He also sent through another video for Show Em How To Move...peep below. Congrats go out to Frank and his lady...for the announcement of the addition of a new princess to the crew!

The big homey Rev came through with a track from another in the EMS conglomerate, Strick 9. Strick 9 goes in over Cudi's I Hear Them Calling. This track will be featured on Strick's upcoming mixtape "Pick Ya Poison II" coming early 2010.

Daymn, do all women get better lookin as they get older? Shoot sign me up! Matt, as always, came through with a "leak" from MC Lyte's next mixtape "Floor Boards". Is it just me or does everyone have a "upcoming mixtape"? Hmmmm....

For those of you that occasionally like to sprinkle a little R&B flavor with your hip-hop Embassy Music representer, Mista Mista sent through his track Adjust My Tie Remix feat. LJC. This track is nice and the video he sent along ain't bad either. Check it out.

Couple of new leaks here from the Masta Ace and EDO. G, or A&E as the group is known, collabo "Arts and Entertainment" set to drop October 10th. The LP will feature the likes of KRS-One, Large Professor, Marsha Ambrosius, Chester French, and Posdnus (of De La Soul) The first is a track titled Little Young and the second A's and E's.

I think that's about all I got for I really need to try and stay up to date on these bad to all involved. Have a great weekend y'all, and hope I don't get killed by the Swine Flu. Gotta big game, we got da Bears and Cutlerfucker (shout out to Big Daddy Drew and the whole KSK crew) this weekend. Peace.

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