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AYCE Presents: 20 questions with Brainstorm...

It's a new month and that means it's time again for another installment of AYCE's "20 questions with..." segment. Now, anyone out there that reads this little blog of ours knows that we tend to rep our PNW bredren to the fullest. Thats not to say that we don't appreciate music from other areas, just that we like to help get the 206 out there for all to enjoy. That being said, I hit up our next victim via Twitter (cough cough) and invited him to sit in the hot seat. Dude JUMPED at the chance, ok, ok maybe not jumped, but was he was cool with it. So here it is producer and 1/3 of Seattle's own Dyme Def, Mr. Celestine AKA Mr. ExcellAtEverything...Brainstorm.

Let's get right into the music, and save all the bullshit for later...

AYCE: Dyme Def is compromised of Fearce Vil, S.E.V., and yourself as the MC's and you and BeanOne on production. What does each MC bring to the table that makes Dyme Def whole?

Brainstorm: I bring everything to the table, fuck them dudes, they're like my back up singers. When I say jump, they say how high!! Ok ok, SEV is the hype man...he's one of the reasons for all the energy in our live set. He's the "in yo face type dude" that makes it happen. You can even hear it in his verses, dude is a beast and honestly he's prolly the best in Dyme Def at this point. FEARCE is like the OG of the squad. He's the most clever dude in Dyme Def, his flow is impeccable and he has a real distinct voice. He's the one that always kept Dyme Def grounded when we would get big headed and such...kinda like the big brotha of the group (Shout out To C.O.). Me, I bring reality and the battle/lyrical aspect to the group. I started off battling so it's always been in my nature but I left it alone because I wanted to be a great songwriter. I'm the face of Dyme Def. I'm the voice of Dyme Def but witout them cats, none of that would even matter...not to mention i make some OK beats *laughing*

AYCE: My first experience with Dyme Def may have been when y'all opened for Lupe Fiasco at the UW Ballroom, and I have seen my fair share of DD shows since. The one thing that sticks out is the energy you three bring to the stage, where does all that energy come from, cause DD brings it like that EVERYtime? Are y'all on some "5 Hour Energy" shit?

Brain: Nah man, I mean, dymedef_concertif you went to go see a group of dudes that just stood in one spot the whole time they were rappin and acted like they honestly didn't give a fuck about what anybody thought....would you pay to go see them live again? Even if they're music is hot on wax? We wild out cause we want people to REMEMBER us, and i think weve done a great job. Every show were gettin better and better and wilder and crazier...cause that's just what the fuck we do.

AYCE: Why did Dyme Def decide to scrap the new EP?

Brain: It was a last minute project that we wanted to put out to promote our next OFFICIAL EP titled "THE SEXTAPE" which will be an exclusive project with our partners in crime
T.I.T.S.(Two In The Shirt), ran by my man Marek, which is a clothing company that is doing EXTREMELY well. The project wasn't supposed to come out until almost next year but it got pushed up. We said fuck the EP we was workin on and lets just handle this cause its a way bigger opportunity. Those songs that we have recorded will be dropped as leaks close to the release date. We're dymedefstill gonna drop this EP except were gonna drop a different song from it everyday. So if you want the whole thing check everyday for a new song and you'll, basically, have a whole EP before the weeks over, not to mention were still doing the "No Beat Is Safe Campaign".

AYCE: Since you brought it up, tell the folks that don't know the idea behind "no beat is safe".

Brain: Just takin popular and old school favorites and makin em our own, "no beat is safe". We also take request, so anybody who knows a beat you think we'd sound good on let us know!

AYCE: Are you finally going to release "Bad Nite" to the masses...if not when?

Brain: BAD NITE is such a weirdo song that we're thinkin we're gonna make a video for it, kinda like how we did that Kanye joint with the video behind it. The concept of the song is ill but anybody who's a fan of Dyme Def, and even if they're just gettin hip, it mite rub them the wrong way without a visual to go along with it (Way Hetero).

AYCE: Trust me, Bad Nite is bananas, and a video would be dope too. Now you're a Producer and MC, you pretty much excell at both, which do you prefer and why?

Brain: I've loved music my entire life. I started rappin at the age of 12, started takin it serious at the age of 16-17 and been doing every since and I'm 23 now. Sometimes I don't think people realize how seasoned I am in the game and the scene. I can honestly say that pretty much the whole PNW knows Dyme Def. We been at it for awhile now, and it's starting to pay off and flourish. I've been producing for aboutbrainstorm 4 years. When I tell people that they're AMAZED like, "wow, and you produced Get Down", or "you produced Not That Dude", or "you produced that Pinky And The Brain song" (among other various cuts) and I'm like "yeah". I took producing up in the first place because Dyme Def couldn't afford to buy beats, so I took the initiative to start producing myself. Luckily I was decent at it and I only got better. If I had to choose, I'd be a producer. More money involved, plus I'm not as good at it as I am at rapping. I love challenges!

AYCE: The video for "I'm Gone", which I thought was kinda dope, was shot entirely with the new iPhone 3GS...who came up with the idea and concept for the video?

Brain: It's kinda funny how that came about cause our manager, Josh Berman, and Fearce Villan still fight to this day about who ACTUALLY came up with it. Me, personally, I dont give a shit, it was a genius idea and I'm glad ONE of them muhfuckas came up wit it. *laughing*

AYCE: On the producer tip, you were the 2007 Red Bull Big Tune National Champion and got to make a track with Young Buck. Were there others to choose from, if so, what made you choose Buck?

BrainAndBuck Brain: There was but, due to a technicality, I didnt really GET to choose (although it prolly woulda been Buck anyway). I hate talking about it cause my hometown beat that whole situation down to the ground, so I'm tryna let it die out completly. For some people, who may be fans of other people from the town, it's still a sensitive subject so I do my best to avoid questions like this.

AYCE: While we're talking about Red Bull, there is a blog on your myspace about your experience in NYC. Lets hear it from your mouth...tell us what happened at 2008 Red Bull Big Tune Competition because you were the reigning 2007 National Champion, as well as 2008 Seattle champion, and then got ousted in the first round?

Brain: Short and simple, I'm not pointing fingers, but while I was up there I was having technical difficulties with the CDJ (as was everybody) and i couldnt get it to play. I was gettin yelled at, and rushed, so bout time I figured it out I was so nervous that I just played whatever beat was first on my cd. Didn't work out for me, so I tried the Red Bull theme to try to save face, but my opponent just had the better beats. Shoutout to my dude Hitmakers who beat me, we actually go way back. We used to battle each other on Rocbattle. That's the story in a nutshell.

AYCE: Understandable, moving on! Buck was definitely on some wild shit in the studio, hilarious. Do you continue to use the AKA "Digital Hands" given to you by Young Buck?

Brain: Nah, that shit was wack anyway. Imma stick with Brain.

AYCE: I think that's a very wise decision, my dude, you're fingers ain't that pretty anyway! Alright, forget Buck for a minute and give us the skinny on Saigon. Now that dude is a beast, physically and lyrically. How was it to work and tour with him? Just how geeked were the two of you to meet MISS Hilson?
Brain: Saigon is mad cool, that's like my big/lil bro *back to laughing*. He definitely laced me up while we were on the road together, and we've been talkin a lot even after the tour. Seeing Keri Hilson, shieeeet, I almost dropped my pants right in front her and pulled a Ron Burgundy and said "DONT ACT LIKE YOUR NOT IMPRESSED". I DONT THINK SHE KNOWS THAT I WILL EQUALIZE HER, won't be none of that talk of turnin her off fuckin with brain...I gets it in!

AYCE: Shoulda used the ol "I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany", I'm almost positive that would have impressed her. How big an influence have people like J. Moore, JakeOne, Vitamin D, and BeanOne been as "big brothers"/mentors to you?

Brain: J.Moore has always been an awesome mentor to me and he's always believed in me and looked out for me. He's blunt with me and lets me know if a beat is wack or not, which is probably why I've done so well in these Big Tunes. Jake-One is just more of an influence. That old ass fossil (shots fired) got slaps and if you listen to his shit, it's never crowded up or sounds like too much...perfect layering and perfect drums. Dude is a beast. Vitamin D is MY favorite producer. Vitamin is almost TOOOOOO good. I've heard a LOT of his beats and, I can honestly say, I've NEVER heard a wack Vitamin D beat EVER. Some better than others, but never wack. BeanOne, man where do I start, there ain't enough words to describe me and Beans relationship. That's like my brotha from anotha ya know. I tell him all the time he's the vanilla face version of me! We're JUST alike, grinding ass, hard headed, argumentative, weed smoking, liquor drinking, beat making, ass friends till the chucky. Lately we've been kinda distant due to schedules and Bean's new addition to his family...but to this day it's still Dyme Def, BeanOne, SPACE MUSIC RECIPE.
Now on to the rest of the bullshit..

AYCE: I read somewhere that you quit playing organized sports at 16 to focus on music...True? Is there still a "baller" inside of you somewhere?

Brain: We all did, chasing this got damn rap shit. I ain't picked up a ball in damn near 3 years, but im sure i still got it. Just need to get my lazy, rappin ass back in the gym and get back in shape and I'm pretty sure I could run with the best of em.

AYCE: Now, this baller, has issued a challenge. The "No Hawk" showdown...any chance of this becoming a reality or was that just the liquor talkin?

Brain: Liquor had a bit to do with it, but I'm definitely down to make it happen. See, Spaceman (of Sportn' Life Records) doesn't drink or smoke...he's READY (way hetero), me on the other hand I partake in both of those activities on the regular.


Now Space tellin me to get on the court and play right now, would be like me sayin "Yo Space, lets drink a whole 5th of Jack (Daniels, for you young folk) and smoke a zip of kush...NOT HAPPENING!

AYCE: Now, that would be a site to be seen, maybe that would be the equalizer...Space loaded and zooted and you outta shape! So we all know about the infamous "broken laptop" but while I was searching around the net a bit, I came across a picture of a young Brainstorm with, what appears to be, a "new" Palm Treo...go ahead and tell the folks what you're rockin now...and don't try and front cause I have born witness...

Brain: Shit I don't need to front homie. I got a Treo 700p with a broken antennae AND fucking with them porn websites, or whenever I do a certain things on it makes my shit reboot itself. All bad. I do have a brand new Blackberry Curve that I haven't turned on yet, I'm just ridin this Treo till the wheels fall off.

AYCE: Homie, the wheels done fell off and kept going without you. Time for you to roll with that Blackberry. Which would make it easier for you to tweet! Twitter, ahhh, it an addiction or what?

Brain2 Brain: Most definitely, for me it's more of a networking tool and a tool to talk to people you may not get too otherwise. It's cool to see how many people actually give a fuck what you think. I'm close to 700 followers, and I'm a nobody. The thing is, my twittering is entertaining and I actually respond (or try to respond) to EVERYBODY even if I don't follow you. People love my "Dear ______" letters, ending it with "Thank you for your punk ass time"...I kill em every time with those.

AYCE: I'm not gonna lie either, those "Dear _____" letters are some funny shit! Who, well besides us, are you're favorite "followers" and "followees"?

Brain: Hexmurda and my guy slopfunkdust are the funniest dudes on there hands down. Shaq is pretty funny, Peter Griffin is hilarious and so is drakesknee *knee slapping laugh (pun intended)*. Wale's ego is pretty funny too! Sometimes whoever be doing some of these fake ones, I wonder who they truly are and if they're really as funny as they seem. Pause Police are funny, oh, and so is The Sluthunters *earmuffs kids*

AYCE: You have coined a few "Brainisms" along the way and used one a couple times here. Tell everybody the true Brain3definition of, probably one of your most notable phrases, "Way Hetero"?

Brain: "Way Hetero" was my response to the whole "no homo" movement. "No homo" is startin, and was startin, to get played out because people was takin the shit way too far. I thought about what I could say that could mean the same thing but sound a whole lot better, so instead of "no homo" I say "Way Hetero" you use it just like you would use "pause" or "no homo".

AYCE: Speaking of "pause", what is your obsession with "prick"...ahhmmm PAUSE...the word "prick"? *laughing*

Brain: What the fuck? I ain't got no kinda obsession with anything prick-like homie. Now imma take it as a sign of disrespect and not answer this question.

AYCE: Ok, and moving on again *crickets chirping......*. You look like a grown ass man, and claimed earlier to be a "liquor drinkin, beat makin ass fool"...word on the street is that you can't fuck with tequila (Patron, ladies and gentlemen, we don't mess with that other shit), what gives?

Brain_BigTune Brain: Before I started drinkin the grown man shit I drink now (Way Hetero) *shots fired in Catch's direction*, I was KILLIN bottles of Patron. I don't mind takin a shot or two but as far as just casually drinkin it like its good, NAHHHHHH, whiskey or cognac is better than Patron ANYDAY. Patron ain't nothing but a hangover in a bottle for me now, fuck Patron, and fuck ANYONE WHO THINKS LESS OF ME BECAUSE OF IT *someone call 911, I think that shot hit Catch*. Thank you for listening to this PSA.

AYCE: The "hot seat" is now becoming luke warm and kinda smelly. It's about time to hit the "eject and disinfect" button and shoot your ass outta here. It's you're time, anything else you want to say to the good people out there?

Brain: Are you callin me smelly? I'll have you know my essence is like a pheromone for the LADIES. They love my smell, they breathe it in as if it was they're very own supply of oxygen. Seriously though, thanks to everyone who's shown mad love and support for Dyme Def. Look out for our next effort entitled "The Sextape" which should drop sometime in December I believe, maybe even sooner. Look out for when we leak the EP we was workin on and download em all. Don't forget to hit us up on twitter ( or me personally If your watching Amercias Best Dance Crew, "Massive Monkees" are on there so watch it, vote, and support ya boys. Oh yeah, fuck Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh! They can lick the bottom of a sweaty camel in Afghanistan's nuts.
Again with the "nuts" thing...I'm just gonna leave that one well alone. Thanks again to the homie Brainstorm for poppin through AYCE and blessing us with his presence. If you read this far and still haven't copped "Space Music", "3BadBrothaaas Mixtape", or "Panic EP" send us an email with your name and address and Brain will be over directly to throat punch you and kick your dog...thank you for your punk ass time. Oh, and don't forget to check out Dyme Def this Sunday, September 6th at Bumbershoot. They will be on the the Fisher Green Stage at 2:15. Peace, I'm gon gon gone!


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