Thursday, August 27, 2009


You gotta say it like that or he doesn't respond. Spaceman has long been one of the favorites around AYCE. Dude is bonkers on the mic and an all around good dude. You can hit dude up on twitta, @Spac3man, but make sure your funny if you expect him to follow!DeVon, the big boss, over at Sportn' Life sent through this nice little freeverse video from the Spaceman himself. After choppin it up with DeVon the other night outside Nectar, sounds like there is more to come from Space and label mate Fatal Lucciuano. Oh, and don't forget to cop that new D.Black album "Ali'Yah" droppin on September 15th. It's the life...!

I'm including another video for Illness featuring Spaceman and Brainstorm (of Dyme Def) and produced by Jack the Ripper. This video came out a while back, but they both go in on this one...peep.

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Taybot said...

ya spaceman is dope!