Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"So Whatcha Want Huh? Dope or Dog Food?"

All right all right all right all right - Catch is bustin' my balls about this "Take It Back Tuesday" thing, and rightly so. I was so mesmerized by last nights' Subsoniq show on "Backspin" Sirius 39 or XM 65 that I forgot to write somethin'. I was cruisin' down A1A along the beach, immersed in a playlist of perfect summertime Hip Hop (I'm talkin' classic and progressive stuff, not your standard radio bullshit). KB, K-Murdock, Deuce Quattro, DJ Bee - thanks for a great show as usual. Anyway, I digress. I am now re-committing myself to uphold my duties as a Soldier for Hip Hop. My chick has her new laptop, and I have no more excuses. One thing though, like I told her last night: "This one's gonna be a quickie".

I have been lovin' me some Big Daddy "King Asiatic Nobody's Equal" lately. That's right, "Ain't No Half Steppin' " here. BDK's lyrical prowess and towering presence on the microphone have made him a legend. If you don't know, or you forgot, show him some love! Check out his website. It's pretty dope. If you decide to catch a show, buy me a ticket and I will find a fuckin' way to get there!

P.S. I think I might just start having the wife call me "Big Daddy Kane"

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