Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OOF! What a weekend...

Whew, what a weekend...well I made it out alive and that's always a plus. Started of Friday night with a Dyme Def show at Nectar. Those dudes shared the stage with a live band, Big World Breaks, for the first time. It was good to see and hear S.E.V., Fearce Villian, and Brianstorm rock it like that. There were others...Hella Dope, Godspeed, Khingz, and Yirim Seck rocked the Nectar stage as well.

After a Seahawks preseason win on Saturday over the Broncos, and a quick trip to Vancouver BC for a couple days, we made the rush back to hit up the Blue Scholars OOF! EP release party at Ohana's. Well worth the $5 cover to pick up a limited pressing (only 808 copies) of the EP as well as an Angry Woebots poster. They performed their new EP to a packed house at Ohana's. Peep the video below of Angry Woebots putting the finishing touches on the painting.

Lucky for y'all Blue Scholars have put up the album, poster, and t-shirt package up at their online store for you to purchase. Better hurry over here and pick up your limited edition schwag. Blue Scholars doin it big. Peace.

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catch91 said...

Why do I gotta work on nights like last night?? F.M.L.