Monday, August 10, 2009

HI 808 Video...

OK, ok, if you wanna get technical...we premiered this video a few months back after Geo and Sabzi returned from Hawaii and played the video at one of their shows. Catch and I were lucky enough to hit up said show...dudes looked refreshed and ready to get back to Bizness. Now, though, it's the official video for the Blue Scholars track "HI 808" of their forthcoming OOF! EP. This right here is some nice shit. Peep the video below and some words from Geo(logic) himself. You can download the track here, or wait for the EP to drop on August 25th.

Earlier this year, we headed out to the old stomping grounds of Oahu, Hawaii to rock a show. We linked up with Kai Media to film a music video for HI-808, the song that inspired the rest of the OOF! EP. It was barely a week after we filmed the Coffee and Snow video, which is why we look so damn happy here.

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