Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fresh From the Inbox..Wednesday

Well I guess, technically, now it's Thurday, but until I wake up Thurday's still Wednesday, ya dig. Got a few things from the inbox over the past couple days to float out to y'all so let's get it started (no Black Eyed Peas).

The dudes at We All Scheme came through with some cuts from the dude, Epiphany aka Big Piph. Piph hails from Pine Bluff, Arkansas and spends some time in Little Rock and maybe Baltimore. Anyway, they sent through 3 tracks for y'all to hear before they release a 4-part mini mixtape series titled "Respect". So have a listen below. Personally, The Making Of A Beast got me with Piph spittin over that old Tha Dogg Pound New York, New York beat.

Fresh off the heels of their video for "Brick" being nominated for MTvU's "Favorite Freshman Video", Scripts N Screwz are back with a new record before the release of their next mixtape..."The Hangover". M.I.A is the first of 10 tracks they will be releasing every Wednesday and Friday until October 1st. This one is definitely different...but you know those dudes are on the experimental tip...

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