Friday, August 28, 2009

Brooklyn’s In the House…

This has been out for a couple of days now, but I just ran into it.  And I’m glad I did!!  DJ Babu production, Bekay lyrics, and a Masta Ace appearance???  Pure GOLD Jerry!!  Peep:

This actually reminds me a lot of this video (and about 800 others for that matter), but I’m still diggin’ it.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

SEV "I Gotcha" freeverse...

How in the hell did I sleep on this heater from SEV (Dyme Def)? The video is alright but the track is blazin...fa real. All three of these dudes can get it anytime...PAUSE. Stay on the lookout for more from another 1/3 of Dyme Def comin real soon! Peace.


You gotta say it like that or he doesn't respond. Spaceman has long been one of the favorites around AYCE. Dude is bonkers on the mic and an all around good dude. You can hit dude up on twitta, @Spac3man, but make sure your funny if you expect him to follow!DeVon, the big boss, over at Sportn' Life sent through this nice little freeverse video from the Spaceman himself. After choppin it up with DeVon the other night outside Nectar, sounds like there is more to come from Space and label mate Fatal Lucciuano. Oh, and don't forget to cop that new D.Black album "Ali'Yah" droppin on September 15th. It's the life...!

I'm including another video for Illness featuring Spaceman and Brainstorm (of Dyme Def) and produced by Jack the Ripper. This video came out a while back, but they both go in on this one...peep.

Fresh From the Inbox..Wednesday

Well I guess, technically, now it's Thurday, but until I wake up Thurday's still Wednesday, ya dig. Got a few things from the inbox over the past couple days to float out to y'all so let's get it started (no Black Eyed Peas).

The dudes at We All Scheme came through with some cuts from the dude, Epiphany aka Big Piph. Piph hails from Pine Bluff, Arkansas and spends some time in Little Rock and maybe Baltimore. Anyway, they sent through 3 tracks for y'all to hear before they release a 4-part mini mixtape series titled "Respect". So have a listen below. Personally, The Making Of A Beast got me with Piph spittin over that old Tha Dogg Pound New York, New York beat.

Fresh off the heels of their video for "Brick" being nominated for MTvU's "Favorite Freshman Video", Scripts N Screwz are back with a new record before the release of their next mixtape..."The Hangover". M.I.A is the first of 10 tracks they will be releasing every Wednesday and Friday until October 1st. This one is definitely different...but you know those dudes are on the experimental tip...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"So Whatcha Want Huh? Dope or Dog Food?"

All right all right all right all right - Catch is bustin' my balls about this "Take It Back Tuesday" thing, and rightly so. I was so mesmerized by last nights' Subsoniq show on "Backspin" Sirius 39 or XM 65 that I forgot to write somethin'. I was cruisin' down A1A along the beach, immersed in a playlist of perfect summertime Hip Hop (I'm talkin' classic and progressive stuff, not your standard radio bullshit). KB, K-Murdock, Deuce Quattro, DJ Bee - thanks for a great show as usual. Anyway, I digress. I am now re-committing myself to uphold my duties as a Soldier for Hip Hop. My chick has her new laptop, and I have no more excuses. One thing though, like I told her last night: "This one's gonna be a quickie".

I have been lovin' me some Big Daddy "King Asiatic Nobody's Equal" lately. That's right, "Ain't No Half Steppin' " here. BDK's lyrical prowess and towering presence on the microphone have made him a legend. If you don't know, or you forgot, show him some love! Check out his website. It's pretty dope. If you decide to catch a show, buy me a ticket and I will find a fuckin' way to get there!

P.S. I think I might just start having the wife call me "Big Daddy Kane"

OOF! What a weekend...

Whew, what a weekend...well I made it out alive and that's always a plus. Started of Friday night with a Dyme Def show at Nectar. Those dudes shared the stage with a live band, Big World Breaks, for the first time. It was good to see and hear S.E.V., Fearce Villian, and Brianstorm rock it like that. There were others...Hella Dope, Godspeed, Khingz, and Yirim Seck rocked the Nectar stage as well.

After a Seahawks preseason win on Saturday over the Broncos, and a quick trip to Vancouver BC for a couple days, we made the rush back to hit up the Blue Scholars OOF! EP release party at Ohana's. Well worth the $5 cover to pick up a limited pressing (only 808 copies) of the EP as well as an Angry Woebots poster. They performed their new EP to a packed house at Ohana's. Peep the video below of Angry Woebots putting the finishing touches on the painting.

Lucky for y'all Blue Scholars have put up the album, poster, and t-shirt package up at their online store for you to purchase. Better hurry over here and pick up your limited edition schwag. Blue Scholars doin it big. Peace.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Make Mine a Double…

Did you know that there are 1,387,202.5 coffee stands in the greater Seattle area?  Seriously.  Give or take a few…thousand.  Regardless, there is only one Fresh Espresso


P Smoov and Rik Rude (ft. Terry Radjaw, sans beard) brewed up some top-notch noises for your ears in Glamour, their debut LP.  If you haven’t heard it yet, I hate you.  For real. Glamour is 14 tracks, extra-hot, with a heapin’-helpin’ of steamed goodness… no bitchy baristas involved!  (No really, you can just get it here.)  But, we can be friends again, as long as you go cop a copy right now. 

And then, after you punch yourself in the sack for sleepin’ on Glamour, keep your eyes peeled for this: blended with the considerable talents of Gray Matter Productions, you’re about to be able to drink in the deliciousness of Fresh Espresso’s first official music video: “Big or Small”

Of course, just like a well-made coffee, these things take time. Luckily for you, I was able to slip onto the set unnoticed (no small feat for a fat guy!), and snap a couple surveillance pics from the upcoming project. OK, maybe I wasn’t quite “unnoticed”… I might have knocked over a light or two…and maybe Rik Rude too – but whatever.

The video is going to be good to the last drop, or my name ain’t Juan Valdez.  Peep:

“Straight takin’ over the bodega”

"Cleanup on aisle one, please" Keyed in.  (See what I did there?)

Yes, they sold this shit there! "Ready for my closeup!"

“On to the stage”

Radjaw of the Opera Fresh espresso, from Fresh Espresso.

"What's my motivation?"

P Smoov aiming for the Skye

These were all pictures from the locations on Day 1.  Unfortunately, despite my ingenious disguise as a bikini barista, they discovered me and booted me out of the shoot.  Oh well, hopefully I captured enough pics to get you perked up and ready for the Fresh Espresso “Big or Small” music video world premiere.  If not, maybe this will do the trick:  I heard the sounds of a dance-off brewing behind the scenes, and quickly caught this little clip right before I got 86ed.

Terry Radjaw, you got served.

Anyway, you smell that?  That’s the scent of some good shit - figuratively speaking, of course.  Trust me: we know and love our java up here in the Emerald City.  But, even though there are exactly 11.3 billion coffee spots in Seattle, there’s only one place to get that Fresh Espresso… Stay tuned!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Apathy featuring Phonte - True Love

Just happened upon this nice little track from Apathy in the inbox as well True Love featuring Phonte (of Little Brother). Maybe I'm sleepin or just not in the know but I haven't heard much from dude before this track. Nice soulful sounding joint with a bite. Check it out and look for Apathy's "Wanna Snuggle" dropping October 6th.

Punchlyne and Fokis - The Appetizer

Punchlyne (formerly known as Punchline) of eMC teamed up with Fokis for this 7 song EP brought to you by the 2dopeboyz, Kevin Nottingham, and HipHopGame. This EP is a prelude to their upcoming album, The Reset Button. Don't sleep on this one, I just listened to it, start to finish (bonus songs included), without skipping any, it's nice. I would jack a link, but you have to visit each site individually and get the bonus track unique to each site. So you'll just have to deal with it, and thank me later! Peace.

New M-Dot and Revalation...

Man, these dudes just keep bringing that heat from the East. The big homey, Revalation, came through with a new M-Dot single for y'all of his "M.usically D.riven O.ver T.ime" coming in late winter now. This track features Jaysaun (of Special Teamz) is produced by Explizit One and titled The Real & The Raw.

Rev also sent through the first single off "The Revalation Will Be Televised" titled Got Till It's Gone 09, a rap remake of a Janet Jackson classic. My dude also came through with a mixtape from DJTKO of Coast 2 Coast DJ's "Knockout Radio Vol. 2". His new single What 2 Say featuring Bobby B made the cut at track 16. The single will also be featured on his upcoming mixtape "The Revalation Will Be Televised" coming in October. Below is a link to the mixtape and the Rev's track. Peace.

Alright, lemme get to it...

man my ass has been L A Z Y since I got back from vacation and been meaning to get a few things up here. My it mourning the loss of a good friend, Fernando, who didn't survive the vacation. RIP Fernando.

It's been awhile since I got something up for the House of Waxx Radio fam...and yet they still keep sending me good shit. Thanks fam...shout out to Colorado, Whygee, Sunkenstate, Kid Hum, and everyone else. So here y'all go:

The first is a solo project from Sunkenstate, a Colorado MC who as been featured a couple times here on AYCE teamed with fellow MC, Whygee, on The Suicide Watch.

Speaking of The Suicide Watch here is the second installment of the trilogy from the duo, Suicide Watch2: Sambodextrust.

They definitely got some good things goin on over in the CO, peep the dudes out here.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Swollen Members – Music To Snowboard To.

I was sleepin’ on this, but better late than never right? I have been a big fan of Swollen Members for years. They are always on the Ipod when I hit the slopes. Obviously the premier on The Jason Ellis Show (who I am also a fan of) already happened, but you can still check out some S&M and see what you think. Check them out on Twitter, fAYCEbook, or myspAYCE. Here’s the official word from “Da Inbox”:


Swollen Members Will Premier “Red Dragon” from forthcoming LP, "Armed To The Teeth,” Which Will Be Released On 10-13-09

Swollen Members will debut the new song “Red Dragon” this coming Friday August 14th, 2009 on the Jason Ellis Show on Sirius XM Radio’s FACTION Channel. The track is taken from their heavily anticipated new studio album “Armed To The Teeth”, which lands in stores October 13th, 2009 through Suburban Noize Records and Battle Axe Records.

“Everyone growing up in the skate world knows how important Red Dragon is. They definitely have some of the best threads and skate gear out there and we’ve known Colin McKay and Sluggo for years,” commented Prevail. “Swollen Members has been repping Red Dragon since the beginning and when it came time to release our first cut from ‘Armed to the Teeth’, we wanted ‘Red Dragon’ to be the first thing people heard. We also wanted the first thing people hear from this new album to be some classic Swollen Members and to have our old friend and SM-alumni Moka Only on the track. Remember this is just a first taste and the main course is heating up.

"These guys make me wanna smash shit," added SIRIUS XM Radio Host Jason Ellis about the track. "Fuck the man!!!”

Swollen Members have risen to the top of the underground hip-hop scene with a series of classic albums that have made them one of the genre’s brightest rising stars. Founded by two of the game’s best MCs, Mad Child and Prevail, along with the help of DJ Rob The Viking, Swollen Members have created a huge fan base while staying completely independent under their own label Battle Axe Records. Swollen had taken a break over the past few years while Mad Child dealt with drug addiction and some legal issues, but, the group has come back stronger than ever with their upcoming new studio album "Armed To The Teeth”, which features guest appearances La Coka Nostra, Talib Kweli, Tech N9NE, Krondon, Saafir and Phil Tha Agony.

Over the years Prevail, Madchild, Rob The Viking have continued to work hard to keep their hungry, rapidly growing audience satisfied. They tour relentlessly, and always try to throw us a bone to give a taste of the studio albums. It’s been about three years (which feels like an eternity) since their last studio album. The new track “Red Dragon” is basically a remake of the original – with new lyrics from Prevail and Mad Child, but I’m pretty sure the Moka Only vocals are straight off the original track - he left the group (for the 2nd time) a few years ago.

Anyway my name ain’t fuckin’ Wikipedia, so go check them out your damn self. I do recommend that you start by listening to Balance, which is their first album – came out around ten years ago. Peep a couple videos, and try to catch them live – they’re touring right fucking now.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are you Def?

Funny when world’s collide, eh? Turns out a friend of mine was on hand to document last week’s free Fresh Espresso / Dyme Def show – the one that I had to miss…FML. Anyway, had no idea he was up on the AYCE favorite until I see him tweet to the Bad Brothaas that he had this video for ‘em – Peep:

Nice lil’ mashup potnah! Next up for Gray Matter is a big music video production for Fresh Espresso (here’s a look at their recent photo shoot). Next up for Dyme Def is a show at the Croc tomorrow. Both are can’t misses!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why? Why not?

A taste of what that partnership between the Scholars and Campians really means…

Brilliant, really… hurray for the new era of music promotion!


P.S. – @ :30… W. T. F????

Monday, August 10, 2009

And I Present

Peep the video for the intro track from Shawn Chrystopher's debut album, A City With No Seasons, which is supposed to drop tomorrow. Then again, you were supposed to get it 24 hours early if you went to his website and registered...haven't seen it yet!!!

Shawn Chrystopher - And I Present from The Mighty Fifty on Vimeo.

HI 808 Video...

OK, ok, if you wanna get technical...we premiered this video a few months back after Geo and Sabzi returned from Hawaii and played the video at one of their shows. Catch and I were lucky enough to hit up said show...dudes looked refreshed and ready to get back to Bizness. Now, though, it's the official video for the Blue Scholars track "HI 808" of their forthcoming OOF! EP. This right here is some nice shit. Peep the video below and some words from Geo(logic) himself. You can download the track here, or wait for the EP to drop on August 25th.

Earlier this year, we headed out to the old stomping grounds of Oahu, Hawaii to rock a show. We linked up with Kai Media to film a music video for HI-808, the song that inspired the rest of the OOF! EP. It was barely a week after we filmed the Coffee and Snow video, which is why we look so damn happy here.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Well I made it back...

well back to civilization I guess, not back to to 206 quite yet...soon enough though. Back to MY bed with MY pillows, MY couch, and MY fucking internet connection!!! Anywho, we're about 4 days (August 11th) from the release of Shawn Chrystopher's debut album "A City With No Seasons". His crew sent through a couple videos from the A Cappella sessions, as well as a download and the album art. All I know is...this album had better live up to the hype! Don't forget to go here and preorder the album and receive it FREE in your email the day before it comes out. Peace.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Northwest Gifts Keep on Givin’!

Not gonna lie folks… I saw “yo! check the brand new @DymeDef "Im Gone" Video…” on Twitter, and I was like a kid on Christmas!  But then I saw “…filmed only by the iPhone 3GS cameras” and I was like the kid on Christmas who asked for a bike, and got a sweater: Noooooooooo!!!!!!  As someone who works in video, you might as well kick my dog while you’re at it.

BUT…I watched it anyway, and I was pleasantly surprised.  The video quality is what it is, but the quality of the video – i.e. concept and execution – is fucking. AWESOME.  Guess I should’ve known better; when Fearce, SEV and Brain are involved, you can expect hot shit.  Peep:


Nice work fellas!  And if any of you happen to be in Seattle on Friday, there’s a free show featuring Dyme Def and Fresh Espresso at the Mural Stage in the Seattle Center.  7 pm.  Don’t be late!


“I’m Gone”

A Little Island for Ya…808-style!

What’s good y’all?  I’ll tell you what’s good – we’re t-minus 20 days and counting from the much anticipated release of Blue Scholars’ latest EP, OOF!  Armed with their fresh new groundbreaking marketing deal with DuckDown, Geo and Sabzi are about to take their Northwest-known talents to yet another level with this 12-track EP (6 songs, 6 instrumentals).  But this one wasn’t made with us haoles in mind.  Here’s a blurb from the release:


Oof! is the story about the Hawaii that you don’t see on TV: fish-fry BBQs in Waianae, native Hawaiians struggling for sovereignty, house parties on the Leeward side, uncles playing mah-jong on a lanai in Waipahu, a thriving independent hip-hop and fashion scene, on-air ciphers at KTUH, a room full of folks vibin’ to a mean reggae song, young poets spitting fire into mics, grubbing on poke in the Foodland parking lot, whole neighborhoods leveled by the ice epidemic.

Many “mainlanders” go to Hawaii to get away. Blue Scholars went to get it in. They returned again six months later with a New Year’s Eve show and a handful of new tracks inspired by the first visit, soon to be released in the form of their most collaborative multi-media project, yet: OoF! — a collaboration with painter, vinyl toy & skate deck artist, Angry Woebots who made a collaborative painting to go along with the song “HI-808” which will be turned into a limited edition print and t-shirt; one of Hawaii’s premier photographers and historian of all things dope Aaron Yoshino (Honozooloo / 5 to Life) who’s photos have documented Hawaii’s subculture for several years and who is creating the cover art of the EP; the influential Hawaii based surf & skate boutique brand IN4MATION where Angry Woebot’s painting was made; and the island’s premiere video production crew, Kai Media, who directed and shot the music video for the track Hi-808, shot in and around Oahu (edited by Zia Mohajerjasbi). All these groups have come together to create this project which will be sold as a complete package online using Topsin Media widgets at Blue Scholars’ and each project partners’ websites, with the EP being available separately at the usual digital retailers.

Anchoring the project is the OOF! EP featuring six new Blue Scholars tracks. The minimalism of the intro song “Bananas” yields to the familiar complex lyricism and production of “HI-808,” which documents the differences between the Hawaii Geo grew up in and the one he would later return to, laid over an 808-drum-dominated Sabzi masterpiece. “Hello” is a playful take on the escapism while “New People” is a truly original effort that almost treads dance music territory. “Cruz” is the duo’s ode to island life over a Jawaiian-reggae influenced beat. In addition to these tracks, all five instrumental versions will also be included, encouraging other artists to make their own songs with these riddims.

Got my attention!  So did this: download the track “Hi-808” here for free (or click the pic below).  Run, don’t walk, to get your hands on this one bruh.  Mahalo!



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Takin’ it Back with the Ruler…

Man, I know I don’t do a whole lot of anything around here anymore, but I just want you to know that it’s not you…it’s me.  Actually, I lied – it is you.  HA!  Anyway, thanks to Dr. Jones for bringin’ “Take it Back Tuesdays” back into the AYCE fold.  Nothin’ better then a little Ol’ School for dat ass!!!!

So, me and Benny hit the road for a date with the Ruler himself, Slick Rick, last week in Portland.  I’m not going to give you a full review of the night’s proceedings.  One, I’m too lazy, and two, it was one weird-ass vibe going on at that shit anyway!!  (P-Town is a trippy place y’all…especially for a hip-hop show!)

Rahzel was ill.  So were the Beatnuts.  But I was there for one reason, and one reason only: I was there to catch the Kangoled Crusader himself (even if I was at least ten years late for the show).  Imagine my surprise when he strolled out on stage sans the lid though!  He “forgot his Kangol!” 

CIMG0024 Oh well, he still had about 86 pounds of dookie-chains and medallions on.  And that watch?  Them rings?  I could barely see him through the bling reflection…and that’s not even mentioning his iced-out eye patch!  This was it – I had finally made it to see the Ruler!  This is were the vibe got weirder though…

Classic after classic, there the King of Storytelling stood, spitting some of the most famous lyrics in the history of hip-hop.  But, it was like he forgot to pack his comfy shoes or something… Seriously, he just stood there, hand in pocket, giving us just what we came to see/hear.  Nothing more. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know he’s getting up there in age;  Slickslick-rick-blinged-out Rick is 44 years old y’all.  Which means I am… getting old too y’all.  Oh well, still hard to be disappointed – he’s still the fucking Ruler!!  I think the promoter musta paid the low-end of the sliding scale or something.  Like I said, he hit all the songs he had to hit, but that’s about it. 

Sadly, one of my favorite songs from his repertoire was not one of those songs.  Which seems to happen to me fairly often.  Which makes me wonder: WTF?  Do I just like songs that aren’t that good?  Maybe it’s not you after all, maybe it is me!

Naaaahhhh!  Fuck that. 

Anyway, today we take it back to 1991.  July 2nd to be exact, when Def Jam releases The Ruler’s Back.  The best song on that shit???  “I Shouldn’t Have Done It”.  I might not have got to hear it that night, but I’ll be damned if I ain’t sharin’ it with y’all!  Can I get a “La Di Da Di” from the choir?!?!

Slick Rick – I Shouldn’t Have Done It (1991)


P.S. – As a bonus for those of you that read the whole thing, here’s the video – and trust me, it was well worth your time!  Peep:

Preaching Tha Gospel. . . . . of Hip Hop.

I have a little brother, he’s a good church boy. He doesn’t swear (at least not a lot), he doesn’t drink, smoke, or fuck (at least not until he gets married). It's also quite possible he wears jean-shorts in the shower on direct orders from his Bishop, but you would have to ask him that (seriously, hit him up on Twitter). He goes to church every Sunday and does all the other stuff a good Christian boy should. He was a missionary in the Godless streets of East Berlin, Germany for 2 years.

However, when he is not preaching The Gospel, he spends his time preaching THA Gospel – Hip Hop that is. A couple years ago I introduced him to P.O.S. and he spread tha Good News like wildfire. His new favorite modern-day prophets are all part of a collective called DoomTree. I think my bro has single-handedly led many people out of the darkness of mediocre MTV and FM radio music, and brought them into the light of Progressive Hip Hop.“Young soldier on his own, bang a big drum” – that’s a quote from a track called “Lucky” off DoomTree’s album “False Hopes” that reminds me of him. Recently he caught a live show in Salt Lake City with most of the DoomTree crew, minus P.O.S. Unfortunately I don’t have video, but this will give you an idea of what they’re like live.

I asked little bro to write a few words about the show, and he did a great job so here it is word-for-word:

“P.O.S. wasn’t there, but once Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Dessa, and Sims, with Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger manning the tables, got the mics in their hands, nobody was thinking about P.O.S.
They vocalized their wishes to have no two shows alike on the tour and it was clear that there were no set lists or laid out programs. Improv and freestyle ruled the night. It was just a group of friends having fun on the stage and it carried over to everyone.
High Schools can just go ahead and cancel their graduation speakers and bring Sims in for a concert. When he shut down the beat for the last verse of “Like You Mean It”, everyone went silent and I’ll be damned if there was anyone in the room who didn’t silently vow to dedicate themselves to something. Mike Mictlan had the crowd involved like I’ve never seen; when his thumb went in the air, everyone belted out “RAP WON’T SAVE YOU!”, and dutifully waited for the next opportunity to obey his command. His delivery of “LA Raiders Hat” made you feel like you were there with him, dealing with the adversity of growing up as a Mexican in the streets of LA. Dessa had every man in the joint staring and begging for just a split second of eye contact, but it was obvious that she brings way more than sex appeal to the Doomtree table. The highlight of the show had to be when Mike, Dessa, and Sims jumped in and moshed with the crowd; all while Sims finished his verse flawlessly. It was awesome to watch the Doomtree members watch each other. Sims, Mike, and Dessa watched Cecil deliver with grins on their faces and it became clear that they are fans just like the rest of us. They love what they do and they love who they do it with. In the words of Mike, while performing “Prizefight”, “From a phoenix to a dove, til they pull me up above... …I will never give it up, I can never give it up, I will never give this up… …I will never give Doomtree up!” And neither will I. Not after that show.”

Here’s some footage from the “Never Better” tour in Salt Lake:

And ya’ll know I can’t finish this post without this mesmerizing performance by Dessa Darling: