Monday, July 6, 2009


These cats just popped up on my radar a couple weeks ago. They are all about honoring the Old School and supporting progressive Hip Hop artists. A while back I was just drivin’ and enjoying the peace and quiet of me and my Ipod when I decided to hit up BackSpin on the SiriusXM. Enter SubSoniq. I liked what they had to say, which is rare ('cuz as you all know, I am an angry motherfucker at times). They had Afrika Bambaataa on there spittin’ knowledge like he does. I love how that guy pronounces his words. Following is a Twitter conversation between @Catch91 and me, @BrainSlice:

catch91@BrainSlice are you listening to Backspin right now? Whatever this show is, they're playing nothing but filth!!

BrainSlice@catch91 Who's show is this? Givin Mos some love. Raise your dumbass kids!

catch91@BrainSlice LOL!! Dumbass kids! I don't know who these cats are, but I'll be back next Tuesday fo sho!

BrainSliceOh shit now we got some La Coka Nostra! Lovin Backspin more every day.

BrainSlice@catch91 jeah this show is dope. I can't believe I was sleepin on this. Bambaataa is like a prophet or something man.

The boys caught up with some of the great artists of our time at the most recent Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Check it out:



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catch91 said...

Raise your dumbass kids!!! I'll be listening at 4pm - Pacific, of course!