Friday, July 3, 2009

Make The Road By Walking...

It's finally here people, and were half a day late! Been waitin on this one for some time, cause Ramz decided to sit on this one until the actual date that it was sposed to drop. Geezus, strong work Frank...I know it was killin you as well. Below is the link and what Frank Ramz himself has to say about the album. Also, pop over to his spot and show some love.

In a nutshell, I found out that the Menahan Street Band were the original producers of Jay-Z's "Roc Boyz". I looked into their album, brought it & I was immediately inspired by each track! Since the album is pure instrumentation, I simply put words onto each track; keeping the song titles, album title, & even album cover the same. Basically, we are all trying to *Make The Road By Walking*. Experiencing hardships and obstacles that may make us want to give up, but we must keep moving foward. It's soulful music w/ substance & a message and I hope everyone can take something from it! Enjoy!!

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