Saturday, July 11, 2009

‘Bout Time to Join the Club…

Time for all y’all to stop being all shy like Ally Sheedy, and get up on some Donny Goines (no Anthony Michael Hall).  There was about a week-long period where I couldn’t take The Breakfast Club off repeat – seriously, it’s filthy from the first bell to the end of detention (download it here, before Principal Vernon gets back).  Anyway, here’s the latest video from the Donn and Co., and it’s pretty tight.  Goes to show that you don’t need a milli to make a nice video; just a good director and editor…and three FINE-ASS girls!!!  (Although I’m still wondering why that one girl got them boxing gloves – sorry Benny, can’t help it.  And while I’m at it, a couple of extra dollars on color-correction woulda really made this shit pop, IMHO).  Regardless, me like “She Likes”.  Peep:

P.S. – The Breakfast Club is nominated for Indie Album of the Year, help Donny out and go vote for it here (anybody who can flip a Madonna sample into a hot track deserves your click!)


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