Friday, July 31, 2009

It's that new classic shit...

that real underground classic shit from Tanya Morgan. The intro video is classic...listen to the laughing in the background. I'll be back farealest like Bruce Willis...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is this thing on?

Been searchin’ for inspiration lately, think I found it:

Big ups to Donny Goines for pointing it out, and bigger ups to Joell Ortiz for putting it down.

“How can hip hop be dead when she’s a spirit?”


Monday, July 27, 2009

It's a big day in The Town...

Catch let me in on this earlier today, so imagine my surprise when I got here and there was nothing about it...huh? I'm sure that most of you have heard by now but Blue Scholars has agreed with Duck Down Records and Caffe Vita to release several of their upcoming projects. You can read more about it here.
Man I been listenin to the Blue Scholars probably since 2003 or 2004 and wondering what has been taking people so long to catch on. Geologic AKA Geo AKA Prometheus Brown and Sabzi are two talented dudes, and we want to say congratulations and good luck to them. Make The Town proud y'all! Peep the video below, directed by Prometheus Brown himself, and shot during the opening of the new Light Rail here in Seattle. Then pop on over here for a free song download from the Blue Scholars new EP "OOF!" set to be released August 25th.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fresh From the Inbox: A Whole Lot of Sh!t Edition

So I been gone for a minute and things just keep piling up in the inbox...can a dude get some help here once in awhile? Some of these been out for a few, some haven't. Got a few things to get through before Catch and I head to Portland tonight...Slick Rick, Rahzel, and The Beatnuts.

So those bad brothaaas, Dyme Def, are back and again and this time no beat is safe! Peep the video below of Fearce Vill choppin it up with Ms. Carter and given the heads up for "No Beat is Safe". With that being said, below is the first installment. Follow the dudes on Twitter: @BrainstormPrick, @FearceVill, @SEVofDymeDef or @DymeDef (oh and @allyoucaneat while you're at it!) and suggest a beat...NO beat is safe.

Next up the Massive Monkees crew auditioned for America's Best Dance Crew. Peep the videos below. Dope crew reppin that 206 HARD....Update: It's official...Massive Monkees will be on ABDC 4, congrats to those fellas!

My dude, Omer, over at Universoul Productions sent this mixtape through. Haven't listened yet, but dude usually sends me dope stuff. Illite is from Detroit and came from the Subterraneous family...Binary Star, OneBeLo, etc. Omer describes this as "hard, gritty, and soulful" and have a listen.

Has it really been 15 years since Warren G's Regulate...G Funk Era was released to the world...damn I AM gettin old. Crazy. Anyway, Warren G is back with his 6th solo effort...The G Files...not to be confused with Celly Cel's The G Filez, which I still have in my collection. The album is set to be released September 29th. Below is the first cut featuring Snoop Dogg and Cass, "Swagger Rich".

Yo, I haven't heard anything from this beautiful woman of hip-hop in a while. Ladies and gentlemen, MC Lyte is back to let y'all know that you are "Rocking With The Best".

Looks like we're down to the last item! So I posted the first leak off Shawn Chrystopher's debut album A City With No Seasons and here is the second..."Lose Your Mind". There are also some a cappella sessions videos that are kinda nice...nothin like this classic though. A City With No Seasons out August 11th...right around the corner. I almost forgot...Mr. Chrystopher is offering a free preorder...go here, sign up, and get the album in your e-mail 24hrs before it releases.... Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch?!

Well, kiddos, that's it...finished...finito...that's all a I got for ya! Fuck, that should be enough for you greedy bastards! If you have made it this far you either have too much time on your hands, or an official Geek Squad member, *cough*BrainSlice*cough*, excuse me, sorry bout that. Let's keep rollin and see what else I have in my bag of goodies, shall we?!
Gotta give another shout out to the Subsoniq Radio crew, Doc AKA K. Murdock and KB, for showin some love and a thanks to BrainSlice for enlightening me. Tune in this Tuesdays, 7-10pm EST (4-7 PST) on Backspin (XM Ch. 65, Sirius Ch. 39, DirectTV Ch. 846, Dish Network Ch. 6039) to listen, or go to their website after the show to download. Peace!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Take It Back . . . . Wednesday?

It was supposed to be Take It Back Tuesday yesterday. Catch invented it and I made a commitment to help him keep it going. Then I bailed last night due to extenuating circumstances. So here we go, time to take ya’ll bitches back to a simpler time.



“Yes, I have a 4 O’Clock appointment and I’m here for my shot,” says Mr. White. No, not Mr. White from Reservoir Dogs. Mr. White from Ice Cube’s epic album: Lethal Injection. As I type I am listening to Cube tell me all about a world that I never knew. When this album was released, I must have been a Junior in high school. Pretty sure I jacked that shit from the local Hasting’s store (sorry Cube!). Yup, I know I did. Same thing as when The Predator came out. Damn, things have changed. You don’t even need balls to steal anymore, you can just do it on the internet. Nothing like trying to act calm with a couple tapes shoved down your pants and a security guard staring at you. Sometimes I think the world is passing me by. Bop Gun with George Clinton has to be one of the greatest collaborations of all time. You Know How We Do It is one of my all-time favorites for just rollin’ down the street. This album means a lot to me. . . if you forgot about it, take a trip down memory lane. If you don’t know, shame on your ass!



Sunday, July 19, 2009

From the feet up...

Yo, this one right here is a heater for sure. The homey Rev sent it through last week, but I been too busy to get it up. Se7en, Dre Robinson, and M-Dot go in on this one...G'D Up.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I used to play in a church league...

True story, in high school I wanted to play church league hoops with all my buddies but there was a catch...I had to go to church twice a month. Now for most of you that might not seem too bad, or it may be a regular occurrence but for me it was a nightmare. I survived it and it looks like the dudes Like, Mibbs, and BeYoung...otherwise known as Pac Div, did too. The trio released their Church League Champions mixtape today as a prelude to their album, Grown Kid Syndrome, set to drop in late 2009. People, this is free music for the masses...and quality free music at that. Run, don't walk, to the above link or the one below to download your copy. Peace.

*I chose the picture at the top because I just got done wearin one of those cot damn masks, well a similar one, for about 3 hrs. Talk about breathin in your own shitty stank breath...wait...ummm, but mine smelled like Trident gum.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

We outta here...

Catch and I are outta here for a, sure to be, fun filled weekend of camping and booze. Have a great weekend y'all....

‘Bout Time to Join the Club…

Time for all y’all to stop being all shy like Ally Sheedy, and get up on some Donny Goines (no Anthony Michael Hall).  There was about a week-long period where I couldn’t take The Breakfast Club off repeat – seriously, it’s filthy from the first bell to the end of detention (download it here, before Principal Vernon gets back).  Anyway, here’s the latest video from the Donn and Co., and it’s pretty tight.  Goes to show that you don’t need a milli to make a nice video; just a good director and editor…and three FINE-ASS girls!!!  (Although I’m still wondering why that one girl got them boxing gloves – sorry Benny, can’t help it.  And while I’m at it, a couple of extra dollars on color-correction woulda really made this shit pop, IMHO).  Regardless, me like “She Likes”.  Peep:

P.S. – The Breakfast Club is nominated for Indie Album of the Year, help Donny out and go vote for it here (anybody who can flip a Madonna sample into a hot track deserves your click!)


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pretty Girls...

Alright, with the recent airplay and release of Pretty Girls...I had to bring this back to the top, especially with over 5000 views in the last 2 DAYS. Y'all seem to be crazy for Wale...and rightfully so, dude is a beast. Almost 7 months ago I got to witness history, first hand, with the Inauguration of President Obama. That same night, I saw history on a bit lower proportion, but history nonetheless. The "coming out" of can read about it here and here. Still, top 5 shows I've ever been too. Saw him here in Seattle on his visit to the PNW too. If y'all get the chance, don't pass it up. Dude is wild on stage. Get his "Back To The Feature" mixtape here. Shouts to Tre (from UCB) on the vocals. "ATTENTION: DEFICIT" coming September 22nd. Oh yeah, and my girl was definitely clappin her hands, haha!

What? Y'all can't see the pink G-Shock...

Put Me On...

Dope video for Put Me On off that new "B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray" mixtape. Seriously, if you ain't up on this tape, you might as well be eating pureed food through a tube, cause you definitely in a coma. Peep the video below...

Beantown strikes again...

The homey Rev (of the EMS crew) sent this through a few days ago and then caught me slippin again today. I meant to get this excuses. Anyway, he sent through "Killa Tape '09" featuring himself and Catalyst. Dubbed "Golded Era" style hip-hop, there are some nice tracks on this one here. Also keep you're eye out for the new mixtape "The Revalation Will Be Televised" coming soon...

Below is an interview with some show footage of another EMS representative M-Dot done with He talks a little about the album "M.usically D.riven O.ver T.ime" and the mixtape "M.oney D.oesn't O.wn T.hought", A LOT of shout outs, and geeks about his recent travels over seas. Word, M-Dot, step ya international travel game up homey! Peace to the whole EMS crew.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sippin Our Drinks...

The homey Mayhem came through with a new video to "Sippin Our Drinks". The video looks like it was shot at a local frat party. I mean, it's alright, not great. Mayhem though, dude beasts his verse. Definitely need some more from him, for sure. Peace.

Fresh Fish...

Alright, here goes the official video for the first single, "Lock Shit Down", from Chali 2na off his new album Fish Outta Water. Damn, been waitin YEARS for this album. The former Jurassic 5 alum goes in on this one, you already know what to expect from Kweli, and throw in the JakeOne beat for the trifecta. The video is a little hokey at some points, but I thought it was kinda fresh. Fish Outta Water out today...

Royce Da 5’9” back on his grind


Just stumbled onto The Revival EP over at 2DopeBoyz. Didn’t even know it was coming. Royce has been busy since he got back on the streets. Rumors of working with Eminem, Street Hop album coming out September 22, possibility an album with his other group Slaughterhouse. There’s a little chatter out there on the web about whether the shit is free (legally) or not, but I think the fact that it’s for sale on Itunes and Amazon should answer that. Go to Itunes and cough up 4 bucks for homeboy. Ya probably woulda spent it on a cheeseburger that your fat ass doesn’t need anyway! Check out The Revival EP. Peace!



Grynch got that new doo doo...

Alright ladies and dudes, it's July 7th and that means it's time to get over here and pick up that new poo-poo. Thats right today IS the day that the homey Grynch releases his Chemistry EP to the world for free! I done already heard 2-3 tracks from this EP and they were nutz so I've definitely been lookin forward to hearin the rest. 
If you don't know about Grynch, you can download some of his other shit there too. Then do yourself a favor and head over to his space, hit up the blogs section, and download some of his older mixtapes too. I recommend that Heat Mixtape, that shit is fire (no pun intended). Hopefully, y'all can make it to the release party at Nectar on the 12th for me, since I will be camping in the fierce PNW outback country! Ok, ok, I'll be in the San Juan's but still.... Peace.

Monday, July 6, 2009


These cats just popped up on my radar a couple weeks ago. They are all about honoring the Old School and supporting progressive Hip Hop artists. A while back I was just drivin’ and enjoying the peace and quiet of me and my Ipod when I decided to hit up BackSpin on the SiriusXM. Enter SubSoniq. I liked what they had to say, which is rare ('cuz as you all know, I am an angry motherfucker at times). They had Afrika Bambaataa on there spittin’ knowledge like he does. I love how that guy pronounces his words. Following is a Twitter conversation between @Catch91 and me, @BrainSlice:

catch91@BrainSlice are you listening to Backspin right now? Whatever this show is, they're playing nothing but filth!!

BrainSlice@catch91 Who's show is this? Givin Mos some love. Raise your dumbass kids!

catch91@BrainSlice LOL!! Dumbass kids! I don't know who these cats are, but I'll be back next Tuesday fo sho!

BrainSliceOh shit now we got some La Coka Nostra! Lovin Backspin more every day.

BrainSlice@catch91 jeah this show is dope. I can't believe I was sleepin on this. Bambaataa is like a prophet or something man.

The boys caught up with some of the great artists of our time at the most recent Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Check it out:



“The Essence” of the T-Dot

What up fam??  Just like Benny, I found this email while slummin in the Spam box (where I can learn how to work from home and double my income, enlarge my manhood, order some valium, and find dirty girls who want to chat with me - all in ONE place!).  Anyway, y’all remember this joint?

Loved this cut when I first heard it! Well, Choclair is back!  Actually, he’s been putting out music this whole time – just hasn’t got the attention that the debut, Ice Cold, did.  His new track might help fix that shit. 

Produced by DJ Bless, “The Essence” is basically Choclair’s commentary on the state of the game, spit in that familiar Toronto flow that helped him and folks like Saukrates and Kardinal put the T-Dot on the map.  Definitely a tight track, and worth the click!  Peep:


*Click the pic to download “The Essence”


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Leak At Will...

While most of y'all were sleepin Atmosphere released a free EP that I found over at the AYCEbook called...Leak At Will. You can go to Fifth Element (or here), register, add it to your cart and then check your email for a download...or you can just click the link below. Your choice. Should be a nice little "hello" to Independence Day 2009. Have a great weekend y'all.

OOOOOhhhhh, Brainslice is gonna be so pissed he was sleepin last night and not up double fistin Jameson and playin Second Life.


Might be a smidge late on this one but thought the was dope. Below is the video for Beautiful off Eminem's Relapse, out now. I'm not gonna lie, I don't mind Relapse. It's had it's fair share of spins.

Thanks to OS for the hookup.

The Road To TerAwesome..

Let this be a lesson to y'all...alway check the "spam" box before deleting. This one actually went to spam and I had to fish it out. My bad to those at Darkroom and my apologies to the beautiful duo, The Get Em Mamis, for not finding this sooner. I would imagine that Symph and Roxzi get to it in this one. "The Road To TerAwesome" is presented as a prequel to their album, "TerAwesome" set to be released sometime this summer. You can read more about them here and as usual, get it below and enjoy! Peace.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Make The Road By Walking...

It's finally here people, and were half a day late! Been waitin on this one for some time, cause Ramz decided to sit on this one until the actual date that it was sposed to drop. Geezus, strong work Frank...I know it was killin you as well. Below is the link and what Frank Ramz himself has to say about the album. Also, pop over to his spot and show some love.

In a nutshell, I found out that the Menahan Street Band were the original producers of Jay-Z's "Roc Boyz". I looked into their album, brought it & I was immediately inspired by each track! Since the album is pure instrumentation, I simply put words onto each track; keeping the song titles, album title, & even album cover the same. Basically, we are all trying to *Make The Road By Walking*. Experiencing hardships and obstacles that may make us want to give up, but we must keep moving foward. It's soulful music w/ substance & a message and I hope everyone can take something from it! Enjoy!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some of y'all need to Focus...

especially if you haven't heard or gone into your pocket to purchase this one yet. Focus is one of my favorite tracks from Naledge's "Chicago Picasso" album. Check out the video below, sans the Rhymefest verse. The video is fresh and so is the album. Peep the review here and then go out and cop the album dammit. In stores now.... *Warning: If you have epilepsy or other seizure disorder, take an extra dose of your medications and put your wallet in your mouth before watching!

Fatal Lucciauno...

In the past here at AYCE we have been a little critical...maybe not so much critical as not supportive of Fatal Lucciauno. His music, for me, has been hit and miss. There is no doubt that the dude has talent, I'll admit, but sometimes it just sounds as if he is screaming into the mic. Granted I am strictly going off of live performances here, as I have yet to hear his album "The Only Forgotten Son". Which may be part of the problem. Anyway, Sportn' Life is doin their best to turn me around. They sent through this dope freeverse if they would just send me a Fatal CD we'd be all set! Check it out though, it's kinda dope.

The Third Installment...

of "DubMD and Illife Presents: Blaps, Rhymes, and Life Vol. 3" came through the inbox today and looks to, once again, be a nice listen. This time featuring Young Buck, Skyzoo, Termanology, Masta Ace, and Torae. Download and enjoy! Oh, and incase you missed can get volumes 1 and 2 here.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Takin’ it back!

Is the world passing me by? Am I becoming an angry old man? There is a little anger in me . . . I can’t deny it (props to Benny B for pointing it out). I have been attempting lately to take a lot of things back, but today I wanna take you ALL back. Back in time, and this has nothin’ to do with Wale’s mixtape. Lately I have been a little nostalgic, reflecting on some old school shit. My pops was my American History teacher in middle school, and he always used to say: “Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Also you can’t forget the great Bob Marley - “In this great future, you can’t forget your past.” Does that mean there will be another Vanilla Ice? What about Snow? I distinctly remember him performing “Informer” on the Arsenio Hall Showarsenio back in the day. He was wearing those Nike Air Charles Barkley sneaks that I would’ve killed for.

That is some weird shit. So let’s have a muthafuckin’ moment of silence and remember some of the bad, and the good. One of my boys from back in the day just emailed me this little joint that had been erased from my memory for a while. Thank you to Lower for takin’ me back. Black Sheep.



While I’m on the subject I gotta say that Backspin on XM/Sirius satellite radio has been hittin’ the spot lately. Two of the great pioneers: Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa have been hosting on there, in addition to a nice little show called subsoniq. They are full of hope and optimism for Hip Hop. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that there are artists out there that respect the pioneers, and plan to honor them by taking it to the next level. Peace.