Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wyclef mixtape???

So Wyclef (or should I call him Toussaint St. Jean) is re-releasing his "Coming To America" mixtape, put together by DJ Scoob Doo. When did this joint drop in the first place that he has to re-release it? Is this old and I was in full on sleep mode? I saw his announcement on twitter and then popped over here to pick it up and bring it to y'all. Wyclef spittin huh? This is what 'Clef himself had to say on Twitter...
When kids heard my mix tape there like man we thought you was a singer you go hard! thats when i realize its a new generation i ambrand new!
Shit, you mean his is not a "new" rapper...weird? LOL, should be a good listen though...

Oh, and peep the vlog below that accompanied his post...Peace.

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