Thursday, June 18, 2009

Naledge is born..."Chicago Picasso"

Since Naledge arrived on the scene as one half of the duo, Kidz In The Hall, fans and hip-hop heads alike have been greedily swiping up Naledge "freestlyes" like fat kids fighting for the last Twinkie. Not only scoopin said "freestyles" but kickin and screamin for a Naledge solo joint. He attempted to quiet the Rawkus with the release of his "Naledge Presents: Welcome To Brainiac Society" mixtape featuring the likes of Pac Div, Tanya Morgan, Skyzoo, Wale, Kidz In The Hall, The Cool Kid and others. This only caused more of a cocaine on the gums he left the fiends wanting more. So finally, June 30th, Naledge will drop his "Chicago Picasso" mixtape. Duck Down is killin the game right now!

Naledge describes in the intro, with DJ Timbuck2, the direction he was headin with this mixtape..."I wanted to show all aspects of Chicago rap, not just one sound. For a long time we've seen a specific side of Chicago rap, this mixtape is different cause I'm gettin people from all different sides". He certainly didn't stick to the Chi though, went out and got features that fit those different sounds and production from some of the best from the underground:  Black Spade, Tha Bizness, Picnic Tyme, Sa Ra, Creative Partners, and Analogic, as well as others. 

Naledge is a lyricists lyricist, ya dig, and he chose to fill the feature spots with the same. Featuring the likes of Bun B, GLC, Rhymefest, Carlita Durand, Mickey Factz, Mick Luter, Curren$y, Jay Electronica, and Chip Tha Ripper to name a few. This tape starts off hard right out the gate, and with a couple of my favorite tracks, Standing on Sofas featuring Chip Tha Ripper, and Focus featuring Rhymefest. Standing On Sofas has that old "boom, boom" feel, and Chip Tha Ripper blows this up. Maybe I was snoozin on this dude..."Attack of the Brainiac/you rappers is crazy wack/in the hood where they made me at". If you napped on Chip like I did, you can visit him here. It has been a while since I have heard Rhymefest come this correct, as he did on Focus. Naledge and Rhymefest exchange verses on their "focus". Dayum, reminds me of the 'fest of punchlines, no hooks, just straight spittin.  

Of course, when speakin on "Chicago Picasso" you can't forget Star Struck and Look At Them Hips Remix. With a soulful, old school, R&B feel, Star Struck featuring Russoul appeals to anyone who has ever tried to talk game. We posted a dope video a while back that is a good fit for this joint. For me, Look At Them Hips Remix featuring Doe Boy, Bun B, and Curren$y, serves as the stripper anthem for "Chicago Picasso". It's not just because of Doe Boy's obligatory "your bitch be slidin down my pole like a fire fighter"; but because I can picture sittin in the club somewhere, sippin on Crown with Catch, BrainSlice, and Willy Dough watchin some shorty "drop it and pop it like a soda"...*rubbing chin*. They even take a chance to, maybe, clown Double O a little "if I take it home then beat it like I'm Double O"....

At the end of the day, "Chicago Picasso" has been gettin mad play on the iPod. So scrape up your change (don't forget to check under them couch cushions), raid ya momma's purse, slap that homeless dude* with the "I bet you $ you read this sign" sign and hit Coinstar. Then go out and cop that shit on June 30th. Peace.

*Disclaimer: We here at AYCE do not participate nor do we condone violence against the homeless.

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catch91 said...

Shoot, I slap homeless people for they last Twinkie!