Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fresh from the inbox: Surprisingly Good

So as I have stated about 3, 268, 540 times before, we get a lot of music and mail through the inbox each day. Sometimes it takes some time to make it through all the bullshit (fuck my life) until you hit something that is worthwhile. I always like to have a listen, or three, before I post up for y'all to weed out all through the aforementioned bullshit. I bring you the best from the inbox for the past 10 days:

We'll start off with the best from the inbox, IMHO. This NJ based artist and member of the hip-hop group The Dead Poets. Tab combines smooth lyrical flow with smooth samples of jazz, reggae, and classic rock on his album "Poet In The Dark". This is especially nice for those days when you just want something to ride to. Where other artists excel at delivering the punchline, Tab is more on the conscious tip with "vivid tales of addiction, depression, love, hate and everything in between". You can peep more on dude here.

Brooklyn MC, Fresh Daily, dropped his latest mixtape "Tomorrow Is Today" last week. Filled with production by Kanye West, Oddisee, Apple Juice Kid, Gorillaz, and Outasight this mixtape is definitely appropriately titled. As you can imagine the slaps on this joint are nice and will leave you bobbin and weavin.

Next up is Pro2je, 1/3 of Embassy Music Group from Chicago. "Beyond The Skys" combines "witty lyricism and...a knack for humor as well as speaking on everyday life". For me, this was a decent listen. His lyrics are on point I just felt that I was waiting for more from the beats. That is not to say that the beats on this album are not a smooth listen. 

There you have it kiddies, be glad that you have me here to weed through and bring you the best of the inbox. Peace.

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