Monday, June 29, 2009

High Society...

The Physics released their new EP, "High Society" a couple days ago...and it's a free download at their place here. I'm just gettin to coppin it now and you should check it out too. These dudes, Thig Natural and Monk Wordsmith, have been doin their thing since the release of their first album, "Future Talk", two years ago. So check the dudes out. It's Town bizness y'all...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mrs. International...

Finally a video from Red & Meth...Mrs. International. "Blackout 2" is dope and on sale now. Iffin you ain't copped it yet, you too should be on TV. Peace

Thanks to dudes over at OS for the hookup!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Another new release, DLVNPFR, from the (semi) local dude, Spaid and produced by Vitamin D. Dude is from Tacoma and this is a nice little heater.


I have never been a fan of the name of a track (or an entire album) being "Untitled"...c'mon, you can come up with SOMETHING! The dude Shawn Chrystopher released the first track from his debut album "A City With No Seasons"...droppin August 11th. The track is really that's the name of the track! 

The homeboy also released a previously unreleased track, Keep Your Class Room, that was over a 9th Wonder beat...but I read somewheres else that 9th wasn't pleased that it was leaked.... Apparently he was releasing it in appreciation for being featured on the Myspace homepage. Too bad for y'all, it's nice. Visit Shawn at his blog and show some love. Peace.

It's Gettin Kinda Hot...

The third leak from the "Students of the Culture" mixtape presented by ImFlashy and Karmaloop. This track features the Bronx's The Kid Daytona and is produced by 6th Sense. Look out for the full tape at ImFlashy soon enough.

It's a Revalation...

"The Push Back" Mixtape is here. I leaked a couple joint from the homey Revelation (1/4 of the EMS Crew) a couple days ago and got a couple good reviews in the c-section. So here is the tape in it's entirety...enjoy kiddies. Peace.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back Again...

Talib Kweli + Hi Tek-Reflection Eternal -Back Again-Vid Premiere

It's been out for a minute, but I can't get this song and video out of my head. Dope track, dope video, and hopefully a dope album as well!

The Thrill-er is Gone

Hard to believe that the King of Pop has left the building.  Without Michael Jackson, hip hop would’ve never been accepted by the mainstream, and music as we know it would be much different.  He was a king among kings, an icon of icons, and an entertainer for the ages… goodbye MJ. 


Suns Out/Grown Folks

So Choklate released the a video from her new "To Whom It May Concern" album out now. I heard it was debuting on BET but then spaced out and forgot. Thanks to DJ Hyphen for the reminder. Chok is dope.  A real down to earth chick, not to mention beautiful, and one of the best up and coming soul/R&B singers around. Peep the video and cop the album here. You can cop the first album there too..."Choklate".

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The. Beastie. Boys.

Like it or not motherfuckers, the Beastie Boys are some of theeee most influential pioneers of Hip Hop. When I was introduced to Hip Hop (at the tender age of 10) by a late night radio host named Dr. Demento, who played a song called "Fight For Your Right" by none other than Michael "Mike D" Diamond, Adam "MCA" Yauch, and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz. I linked that shit up to Wikipedia just for all you ignorant-ass bitches out there. My world would never be the same. What was next? Run DMC, Fat Boys, Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, Public Enemy, and Grandmaster Flash to name a few. Some old, some new, if you don't like it....fuck you. The following was transmitted to me via Electronic Mail by the B-BOYS this very day:

Ladies and Gentleman,

We, the band collectively known as Beastie Boys, are contacting you, in regards to our 5 point plan:

1. The reissue of "Ill Communication" is imminent.
2. A reissue of "Hello Nasty" is released on the 25th of August.
. A club show occurs in Chicago on the 6th of August.
. The new Beastie Boys feature length LP entitled "HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE PART 1" is unleashed on the 15th of September. (See below for track listing*)
5. The music industry is saved.

Onsale info:

Presale starts Tuesday, June 23rd at 10am Chicago time here:

Password: RAPPERS

Tickets go on sale to the public Friday, June 26th at 10am Chicago time via OR with a reduced service charge in-person at Site and Sound (2125 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

Ages 17+


1. Tadlock's Glasses
2. B-Boys In The Cut
3. Make Some Noise
4. Nonstop Disco Powerpack
5. OK
6. Too Many Rappers (featuring NAS)
7. Say It
8. The Bill Harper Collection
9. Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (featuring Santigold)
10. Long Burn The Fire
11. Bundt Cake
12. Funky Donkey
13. Lee Majors Come Again
14. Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament
15. Pop Your Balloon
16. Crazy Ass Shit
17. Here's A Little Something For Ya

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Push Back...

Ok, so the homeboy Revalation, of that EMS Crew outta Boston, just sent through a couple tracks from his mixtape "The Push Back" droppin June 26th. I have like everything from this crew so far so, hopefully, this shouldn't be any different!

Wyclef mixtape???

So Wyclef (or should I call him Toussaint St. Jean) is re-releasing his "Coming To America" mixtape, put together by DJ Scoob Doo. When did this joint drop in the first place that he has to re-release it? Is this old and I was in full on sleep mode? I saw his announcement on twitter and then popped over here to pick it up and bring it to y'all. Wyclef spittin huh? This is what 'Clef himself had to say on Twitter...
When kids heard my mix tape there like man we thought you was a singer you go hard! thats when i realize its a new generation i ambrand new!
Shit, you mean his is not a "new" rapper...weird? LOL, should be a good listen though...

Oh, and peep the vlog below that accompanied his post...Peace.

Going The Distance...

Shit, in my posting frenzy yesterday I forgot to post up the latest installment from the homey Frank Ramz...Going The Distance. Don't forget kids, "Make The Road By Walking" drops July 3rd at Pigeons and Planes. Peace.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fresh from the inbox: Classic Returns

Shoooooot, anyone remember this guy...Mike Classic. I think he may have been one of our first "Fresh from the Inbox" posts.  Dude musta been on an Ambien induced nap for a little over a minute or at rehab or something. I heard Promises is nice bruh...just playin. Anyway, dude hit me up on twitter and said he was comin through with some new joints. Shonuff, there they were...and a new blog too! So here is the new ish. It's not bad, not bad at all..."Where Amazing Happens" Mixtape coming soon!

B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray Mixtape

B.oB. (aka Bobby Ray) dropped his "B.o.B vs Bobby Ray Mixtape" today over at his new spot. So at B.o.B's spot you can get the DJ Green Lantern and DJ Don Cannon version complete with "Caaaannnooonnnaaaaannnnnnaaaaannnnn" drops (stupid) or you can get the NO DJ version. Here at AYCE we kept it real with the no DJ if you prefer to have Don Cannon all up in your ear, go somewhere else!!!

Marty McFly can't see this...

and neither can Doc Brown for that matter. The dude Wale released (finally) his Back To The Feature mixtape last Friday. With production by 9th Wonder (and others) and features by Talib Kweli, Skyzoo, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Young Chris, Black Thought, Big Sean, Torae, Jean Grae, Bun B, Curren$y, and Royce Da 5'9" just to name a few. On paper, this tape looks nuts...I'm just about to listen now. Peace.

Friday, June 19, 2009

AYCE Presents: Artfully Speaking

Time for another first here at All You Can Eat!  As any real fan knows, hip-hop isn’t just music, it’s a culture.  And one thing that’s been a part of that culture from the very beginning is art.  Of course, graffiti has gotten the most attention – from Beat Street to under the bridge, it’s always had the most exposure.  But there’s plenty more where that came from, which is why we’re happy to finally join the fray, and shine the spotlight on our first artist.  Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome The Art Bishop himself, Atlanta’s own Dubelyoo.  /deafening applause 

AYCE: First things first, I guess, tell us how and when you knew that you were going to be a professional artist.
Dubelyoo:  That’s pretty much all I seriously wanted to be. I would probably have to say as soon as I knew that being an artist was something people could do for a living.
AYCE: Obviously, our blog is about hip-hop, and as luck wouldChuckD have it, a lot of your work is based on prominent figures in that culture.  What is it about the music that makes it such a strong focal point of your art?
Dub:  The culture that surrounds hip hop is a fertile ground for ideas. There is a great deal of diversity in subject matter and I look forward to tackling the lifestyle beyond portraits of famous rappers.
AYCE: Is there a song that has inspired you more than any other so far in your career?  Something that you know you can pop in, press play, and immediately do work?  Maybe a particular go-to artist?
Dub: I play a variety of music. Though the music can set the tone of a piece sometime it’s better to play something that just relaxes you so you can really get on a painting; other times you need to play some EPMD to get in the right frame of mind.
AYCE: Explain the name Dubelyoo, how'd that come about?
Dub: My initials are DW and over time it got truncated down to D then W and it stuck. 
AYCE: How would you characterize your style?
Dub:  Killastrations
BiggieAYCE: You’re a man of many mediums, but what’s the first one you reach for when creating a new piece?  Or do you just grab whatever’s close and get at it?
Dub:  The first thing I do is prep the board I’m going to paint on then and a background color. I then reach for my color pencil for the under drawing after that comes the acrylic to develop the piece. When that stage is done I may use oil glazes to make the colors pop.
AYCE: What’s life like on the gallery circuit?  Is it similar to touring would be for a hip-hop artist?
Dub: My focus really hasn't been the gallery scene. We have been doing shows around the country over the last year with Art, Beats + Lyrics in venues and there are some definitely some similarities to a hip hop tour. The one thing that stands out is that today visual artists can have a large scale tour and fans outside of the gallery system if they so desire.  Dubelyoo_Quote copy
AYCE: It used to be that most artists didn’t live to fully  realize the worth of their life’s work, but as the world shrinks, and your art can take on so many different forms (t-shirts, phone skins, etc.) is it easier than ever to make a living in your chosen profession?  Also, how do you  protect the integrity of your work?
Dub: Today artists have more power than ever. Before, the challenge was fighting to be heard. Now the challenge is saying something worth hearing. Artists influence culture. And now that artists have the ability to go directly to consumers with a variety of art / products- they can directly measure the effect of their work. If an artist can track his or her influence- they can leverage that into deals with galleries, sponsors and whatever they want. The mainstream "art world" is a small circle and gaining entry into that world is just not a reality to most artists. Today's artist has to use all the the tools (including technology) available to them to achieve whatever level of success they desire. There are more ways to get your work out to the public, buyers and collectors. So the best way to protect  the integrity of your work is to have control of your career.
GhostfaceEckoAd AYCE: From Mountain Dew to Mark Ecko, you’ve done graphic design for some big names (I imagine that helps keep the pockets lined with more than just lint), do you pick and choose who you work with, or is it a matter of whoever comes knocking?
Dub: Overtime you can sense who will be a difficult client. You may want to avoid the crazy ones. Sometimes I may do a project because it is a challenge or its sounds so crazy it might be fun. 
AYCE: You dabble in shoe design too, right?  How’d that come ATLAllStarsabout?
Dub:  Yes. A good friend of mine works for converse and the city project came down the line. Being that I am a designer in living in Atlanta it was a fit for me to work on the ATL Chuck Taylor.
AYCE: When I think of artists, I tend to think of tortured souls (i.e. Basquiat), but how real is that?  You seem like a happy dude…there has to be something bothering you right?  Wanna talk about it?
Dub: Lol there is something that has been bothering me as of late. I talk to allot of other artists and I noticed that there is a longing to be accepted by a group or what ever. Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to be part of an organization but if you are looking for validation outside of yourself there is a problem.  Some artist want to be in museums and some want to be the museum.
AYCE: Which artists of old have been most influential in shaping your style, or just inspiring you in general?
Dub: Sebastian Kruger, Norman Rockwell, Mucha and a ton of great artist friends.
AYCE: Any advice you might have for the aspiring artists out there reading this? 
Dub:  Sit and figure out if you like art or love art. Answering that question honestly will give you insight to how far you are trying to go, what you are willing to do and more important, what you are not willing to do.
SpareChange AYCE: Lastly, I saw the Vimby interview where you said that  you plan to delve into politics as your next major subject matter (and I’ve seen a few examples – impressive), but what else does the future hold for Dubelyoo?
Dub: My goal is produce relevant artwork while trying to raise the status of creative people as a whole.
AYCE: OK, I lied, one last question:  where can I get my hands on the Slick Rick and Dumb Donald prints???  Those are absolutely filthy!

Dub: Hit me up and lets rap. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your site.

AYCE: From all of us at AYCE, thanks again for taking the time to chat with us.  Keep doing your thing, and best of luck in the future man!




Thursday, June 18, 2009

R.I.P. Sage Francis. . . .

Do motherfuckers have any loyalty?! John Connor, leader in the resistance against the fake-ass hip hop machines, is starting to wonder. Too many humans have been compromised by pre-fabricated beats and auto-tune choruses. The weapons of Skynet are all too effective in compromising the humans ability to discern the difference between real Hip Hop and whack shit created to enslave us. Recently it has been revealed to me that the people have somehow become convinced that a great soldier named Sage Francis is M.I.A. or even K.I.A. This is propaganda generated by our enemy. Sage is alive and well. Peep the latest transmission, and come with me if you want to live.

Naledge is born..."Chicago Picasso"

Since Naledge arrived on the scene as one half of the duo, Kidz In The Hall, fans and hip-hop heads alike have been greedily swiping up Naledge "freestlyes" like fat kids fighting for the last Twinkie. Not only scoopin said "freestyles" but kickin and screamin for a Naledge solo joint. He attempted to quiet the Rawkus with the release of his "Naledge Presents: Welcome To Brainiac Society" mixtape featuring the likes of Pac Div, Tanya Morgan, Skyzoo, Wale, Kidz In The Hall, The Cool Kid and others. This only caused more of a cocaine on the gums he left the fiends wanting more. So finally, June 30th, Naledge will drop his "Chicago Picasso" mixtape. Duck Down is killin the game right now!

Naledge describes in the intro, with DJ Timbuck2, the direction he was headin with this mixtape..."I wanted to show all aspects of Chicago rap, not just one sound. For a long time we've seen a specific side of Chicago rap, this mixtape is different cause I'm gettin people from all different sides". He certainly didn't stick to the Chi though, went out and got features that fit those different sounds and production from some of the best from the underground:  Black Spade, Tha Bizness, Picnic Tyme, Sa Ra, Creative Partners, and Analogic, as well as others. 

Naledge is a lyricists lyricist, ya dig, and he chose to fill the feature spots with the same. Featuring the likes of Bun B, GLC, Rhymefest, Carlita Durand, Mickey Factz, Mick Luter, Curren$y, Jay Electronica, and Chip Tha Ripper to name a few. This tape starts off hard right out the gate, and with a couple of my favorite tracks, Standing on Sofas featuring Chip Tha Ripper, and Focus featuring Rhymefest. Standing On Sofas has that old "boom, boom" feel, and Chip Tha Ripper blows this up. Maybe I was snoozin on this dude..."Attack of the Brainiac/you rappers is crazy wack/in the hood where they made me at". If you napped on Chip like I did, you can visit him here. It has been a while since I have heard Rhymefest come this correct, as he did on Focus. Naledge and Rhymefest exchange verses on their "focus". Dayum, reminds me of the 'fest of punchlines, no hooks, just straight spittin.  

Of course, when speakin on "Chicago Picasso" you can't forget Star Struck and Look At Them Hips Remix. With a soulful, old school, R&B feel, Star Struck featuring Russoul appeals to anyone who has ever tried to talk game. We posted a dope video a while back that is a good fit for this joint. For me, Look At Them Hips Remix featuring Doe Boy, Bun B, and Curren$y, serves as the stripper anthem for "Chicago Picasso". It's not just because of Doe Boy's obligatory "your bitch be slidin down my pole like a fire fighter"; but because I can picture sittin in the club somewhere, sippin on Crown with Catch, BrainSlice, and Willy Dough watchin some shorty "drop it and pop it like a soda"...*rubbing chin*. They even take a chance to, maybe, clown Double O a little "if I take it home then beat it like I'm Double O"....

At the end of the day, "Chicago Picasso" has been gettin mad play on the iPod. So scrape up your change (don't forget to check under them couch cushions), raid ya momma's purse, slap that homeless dude* with the "I bet you $ you read this sign" sign and hit Coinstar. Then go out and cop that shit on June 30th. Peace.

*Disclaimer: We here at AYCE do not participate nor do we condone violence against the homeless.

Crashin the Party...

The officially official video for Party Crashers off that Marco Polo and Torae "Double Barrel" album out now! I'mma hit you with the link one more time...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Picture perfect...

So the last time the dude Brainstorm released a freeverse, he gave us this little gem of a video, and dayum is that fire. So it's only right that this time he released an MP3 of Perfect Picture.

Double dose of Grynch...

Just ran into a new track from the homeboy Grynch at his twitter, Chemistry featuring One Be Lo. And as you well know, we here at AYCE are big fans of both! This track is off his new "Chemisty" EP droppin July 7th here.  Oh, damn, I almost forgot another track from this EP, Smoke & Mirrors featuring Tunji (of Inverse) and Geologic (of Blue Scholars). Both of these tracks are straight ill!! Peace.