Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rhymefest...Iconic Revolutionary???

So yeah, I got an advanced copy of 'Fest's The Manual and been listenin to it for a few days now. I have to admit that up until the past few months I have been looking forward to a new Rhymefest tape/album, Blue Collar was dope,  but with all the Charles Hamilton shit.... I really think that Fest did himself a disservice but tryin to beef with someone that basically just turned their back on it. I may have even lost a little respect for Fest. Just let it go Fest...I'm tellin you what your manager, assistant, label, ya man, and everyone else SHOULDA told you a while back...if the beef don't benefit you...drop it. 
All that being said, I thought The Manual was fresh. The beats gave it an old school flow with new school verses.  "Rhymefest vs. Big Daddy Kane" is probably my favorite record on the tape. An old school battle rap between Fest and Kane...if it sounded like this, wOOOoo. Sadat X and CL Smooth spit some nice verses on "Think About It!" and "Deal's A Deal", respectively. Like I said before though, I was a little tired of the whole "beef" with CH, so I could have done without "SuperSonic".  Lemme say this too, "Tender Thug" had me rollin...hilarious...I expect at least one track like this from Rhymefest. All in all I'd say I'm "feelin' it"...although it did take a few listens! Give it a chance...Peace.

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BrainSlice said...

I gotta agree on the Hamilton beef bullshit. I think Rhymefest should have let that shit be. Or just do the song and don't say nuthin' else. I'm witcha on the Big Daddy Kane, and Tender Thug had me fuckin' rollin'...but I'm still lookin' for my "Bullet" and "Build Me Up". Overall dope though.