Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My, my, my…

Actually… his, his, his:


You might remember we were fans of this cat’s first offering, and he’s back with another heater.  From the Bawstan area, Mayhem just hit us with another sneak peek from his upcoming album, A Beautiful Mind.  Ladies and gentlemen, let me just tell you, Mayhem is makin’ me a believer! 

Like “One Day”, the beat on “My” is off-the-charts ill.  Produced by Grime Tha MC from The Camp, and cut up by DJ FamilyTyz  (of Naysayers - make sure you peep these cats!!), I promise your head will bobble to this one.  Seriously, I’m not familiar with the whole EMS crew and their production resources, but…DAYUM!

That being said, don’t think for a second that Mayhem’s lyrical ability is being overshadowed by the outstanding production.  Not only is the delivery on point, his content is too.  One of my favorite “my’s” from the track:

My life and loyalty’s been fueled by my hunger / my passion to rap saved by my wonder / my wonder for books, my wonderful looks been given my momma / and my honor to be a honorable man I learned from father

Yep, the “premature child” has full-grown talent and a strong crew behind him.  Let’s hope A Beautiful Mind delivers a whole lot more of the same heat that “One Day” and “My” are given off!  Stay tuned…

Mayhem – My (zSHARE)


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