Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I’m Baa-ack….And They’re Bad!

DymeDefReleasePartyFlyerThree Bad Brothaaas, that is.  Got back from a trip to the Big Apple, just in time for the equally big Dyme Def “Panic EP” Release Party.  I barely made it (missed flights are a REAL bitch!), but I did – and American Airlines is lucky I did!!!  What a fuckin’ night! 

Seriously.  From beginning to end it was packed with great music, mostly great energy, and a whole lotta neck bobbin’.  Luckily, we were early though, so I had time to loosen up with some fine adult beverages, and watch as folks trickled in.  By the way, how fitting is it that Brainstorm strolls into the Crocodile rockin’ a green flannel?  And how about the dude who tried to walk backstage behind D.Black, knowing damn well he wasn’t part of the group.  He ended up sitting next to us after a couple more unsuccessful attemps.  Anyways…

First up was a short-set from Sportn’ Life’s SK.  He was pretty good, but I think they were workin’ out some audio kinks during his set – or I was busy making sure I had a tight grip on the double-fisted drinks…most likely the latter.

Next up, Spaceman took the stage, and I mean, he took that shit on a ride!  Dude really brings his A-Game every time we’ve seen him perform.  Here’s a little taste:

His short set was jam-packed with goodness, but this was the only song I got on tape for y’all.  Not that it’s bad, but this one has been around for a minute now.  Bottom line though, I tweeted it then, and I stand by it now: he really brings a Meth-like level of energy to his performances. 

Next up was another Sportn’ Life rapper: D.Black.  B is a fan of this cat, and I have to admit, he’s growing on me too.  He’s got lyrics…beats too…but his stage presence leaves something to be desired.  The dancing resembles falling down at times, and *lowers voice* from one big man to another, tight shirts ain’t for us dog.  Just sayin’.  Regardless, the Sportn’ Life crew showed strong once again, peep:

A cameo by the King of Ballard himself, Grynch, packed in there as well, and it was time to take five for the SLC, and move on to Pontiac’s finest: One Be Lo!

I think this was the only low point of the evening.  No, I’m not talking about One’s show, I’m talking about the lack of love the crowd was showin him!  He may be from Michigan, but this Massive Monkey might as well be a Northwesterner.  Dude is hear all the time…but that’s not really the point.  Bottom line, One Be Lo is fucking. filthy.  Show this man some love!!  Alas, the lack of energy from the crowd seemed to sap the energy from the set.  But you can’t stop good music, here’s proof:

Most of the noise you hear in the background is a bunch of braches yappin’ away about nothin’.  Well, you can’t win ‘em all I guess.

Taking the stage next, the Saturday Knights… well, after they escort these two homeless guys who somehow wandered on stage out of the buildin… wait, what’s that?  They are the Saturday Knights?  Ooooh, I see.  Well, this is a little awkward.

Seriously though, the Knights – aka Tyrone Biggums and Ron Jeremy - put on quite the show.  Actually made me go back and give Mingle another go (glad I did btw)!  Nice performance fellas:

Set over, they packed up all their equipment into a shopping cart and rolled off the stage to give way for the night’s headliners.

Damn it’s nice to say that!  We’re not very good at hiding our feelings here at AYCE, and we’ve been championing the Dyme Def cause ever since we started this here blog.  This was my first time seeing ‘em with top billing though; it was the first time I wasn’t left bitching about the short set.  Not only did they play the whole new EP – which, if you don’t go get it right now, you’re stupid…seriously, stop reading this, click here, follow the link, and thank me later – the also played some classics, along with some of the “leaks” they’ve put out recently.

As usual, SEV, Fearce Villain and Brainstorm tore. the. house. down!  Here’s a couple cuts for your viewing pleasure:


You should have been there.  Seriously.  I would have taken more footage, but I was too busy enjoying the show, which you missed…dummy.  In fact, you really don’t even deserve this, but the grand finale was just that:  first, the fellas invited everyone up for a cypher (including Fatal Lucciauno, and the host for the evening: Gatsby of Cancer Rising):

And then, to top it all off, they finished off the evening with the best cut from the EP (IMO):

Again, what a fuckin’ night!  Took me a day to recover (I’m old…and I drink too much), but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world – or a missed flight for that matter.  Big ups to the Sportn’ Life cats, One Be Lo, Tyrone and Ron Jeremy (aka the Saturday Knights), and of course, the headliners… 3 Bad Brothaaas… Dyme Def.  Watch out, they gon BLOW!


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Benny B said...

Agree with ya on this one, this show was incredible. Finally we got to see more than a 30 min set from Dyme. Cool of One to come up to the balcony and chop it up wit ya boy for a few minutes as well (long live Twitter)!