Tuesday, April 21, 2009

From the Inbox...

Spent most of the day recovering from last nights festivities, the Dyme Def Panic EP release party at The Crocodile, and mowing the law. Been MIA for a couple weeks so I got a few things to catch up on here from the inbox so hold on tight kiddies...

The Get Em' Mamis come through with their new track Rock Wit Me. I'm a fan of these two ladies, I like what their doin...especially Roxzi (in the blue). Still waitin for her to holla...

The homies Scripts N Screwz came through with their new video for their second single, Brick, from their debut album The New Noise. Pick up their new mixtape, Sound Cinema, here as well.

Shawn Chrystopher comes through with part 1 of a documentary he is doing with IM-King clothing. This documentary will, ummm, document Mr. Chrystopher while he is working on his new album I.W.G. 2:  I Told You So coming May 5th. As a little bonus he also sent through a little songage as well, Lethal Weapon, that will be on the album!

The bad boys from Beantown sent a new joint through. EMS doing it big out on the (b)east coast, this one from M-Dot feat Singapore Kane and Trademarc. You Won't Get It, will be featured on M-D0t and Singapore Kane's upcoming duel mixtape, "2 for 1". Also keep an eye out for M-Dot's album coming out this summer, "M.usically D.riven O.ver T.ime".

Fuze also shot us a couple new mixtapes. First is one on which he is the host and is featured on 2 tracks titled, "Klive Presents: The Road to Shine Vol. 1". From what he says, "this is an album comprised of music produced, written, and performed by unsigned artists who are, in some way, influenced by Mr. West". The second is Fuze's own "Life: Soul/Flesh". Thought I'd put these up here for y'all to check out!

There you have it kiddies, I have cleaned out the inbox in one fell swoop. Whew...it has been a long couple weeks for us here at AYCE but I think we're workin to get back on track! Peace!

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