Monday, April 6, 2009

Betcha one of these dudes is Irish...

The homey Chris dropped off another video from them dudes in Beantown. This is the video to the first single Gotta Be featuring Krumb Snatcha off M-Dot's "Musically Driven Over Time". The song is pretty nice and the video is alright too, of course I'm not Catch so I can't given you the technicalities of lighting and all that shit. Check out M-Dot here and show some love.

For your listening and downloading pleasure they included the MP3 for y'all to enjoy as well...Peace.

1 comment:

catch91 said...

Not too shabby! M-Dot (you're twin) came correct, but Krumb Snatcha hit that shit over the Green Monstah!!! "Spartans...HA-OOOH!" Ill.

P.S. - I'll keep my bourgeois video critiques to myself...for now! Although I liked it for the most part.

P.S.S. - I hope to have another cut up tomorrow from M-Dot's EMS cohort, Mayhem. These cats are bringin it!!!