Friday, April 3, 2009

AYCE Indulges in Some American Pie…

…finally.  Thanks to Matt at MAC Media for the promo copy.  As you prolly already know, there’s like 74 different versions of Rapper Big Pooh’s new joint – on the real, why we gotta call him Rapper Big Pooh?  As opposed to the other Big Pooh?  Anyway… B and me decided to collab on this joint; all we heard was “Pie” and it was ON!  What’s that?  Oh, you mean “pie” is the same as… oh!  Well say that then!

North American

So, the fucked up thing is, 90% of the different versions aren’t really different… you’ve probably already read a review for the Candy Apple version (i.e. the iTunes release), but those other reviews can D-generation X it.  We about to break it down like this:

North American Pie Intro:

Catch - DAYUMN!!!!  Is this shit NC-17?  “Don’t matter just don’t bite it!”

Benny – I felt like the first time I saw Showgirls…dirty, used, and SPENT!!!

The Comeback:

C – Anybody NOT heard this shit yet?  Sick beat, says this “nimrod bangin’ on his Compaq.”  Oh yeah, love you dog, but you ain’t Jigga!

B – I gotta agree, no H.O.V.A. on this track…like “uh, uh, uh”. What is he on “The Comeback” from? I still bob my head and tune out the lyrics.

It’s A Go feat. Torae:

B – Torae completely rips this beat…and for what it’s worth Pooh has a nice run on this one too. Probably one of my favorite tracks on the album.

C – “Get your Scantrons, I’m putting y’all to tha test..”  Yep, Torae was on a good one.  Pooh wrecked it…at least I think he did.  Good cut either way.

Nothing Less feat. Ab Soul, Jay Rock, & K Dot:

C – Pooh…I mean, Rapper Big Pooh, kicks it off and does a nice job (Big Perm in the heez).  Let’s see… Pun, Big, TI(p), yeah… they ain’t on this shit (noticeably so).

B – Highlight is Ab Soul: “Sorta becomes a cycle like hoes bleedin”. Not sure that this is a great beat for anyone but Pooh. It’s one thing to recycle lines on different albums but to recycle the “Scantron”, line that Torae used on the previous track…FAIL.


B – I feel like Pooh says a lot on this track without sayin much at all. Some lines spit without any cohesiveness. I also feel like the flow doesn’t match the beat…but that’s just me.

C- In the interest of brevity: I like a flute…

Move feat. Darien Brockington:

C – I like this cut, one of my favorites on the LP; not sure why, but I like it.  Something about the sax on this beat…

B – I too like this one. D. Brockington’s vocals steal the show. Reminds me of a pre-pee R-Kelly. After listening to the last track I was pleasantly surprised by Pooh’s flow.

Something Like Stars feat Big Treal

B – Seriously, I can’t front on a Jake One beat…206 up! This one is a beast.

C – Meh…

Step It Up:

C – One of the deeper songs on this shit; makes me reminisce on the music that made me look forward to this album.  I miss Sleepers.

B – I like the beat but keep waitin for Phonte to come in on it…. Truthfully, and you can ask my lady, any talk about periods and…I…zone…how bout those Sounders(FC).

Reality Check feat. Big Dho, D.Black, & Mykestro:

B – THIS is the beat that I expected Pooh to his…his gritty voice works on this beat for me. Had me noddin my head.

C – Are we seriously still reviewing this shit?!?  How many cats can you put on one track? 

Problems feat. Jozeemo:

C - “Hi Haters!!!”  Oh, are you talkin’ to me? 

B – From talkin’ bout accepting responsibilities to handling them in a different manner…contradiciton? Maybe…

Tu Habla Mamacita:

B – Interlude…No hablo espanol…

C – Ditto…

Roll Call feat. Jozeemo, Chaundon, & Joe Scudda:

C – Well hello, Justus League!  Where y’all been?  It’s aight.

B – The skin on Catch’s Windows Media Viewer does almost as much for me as this track. Seriously, you should see this shit.

The Life feat Mushinah:

B – I like the story tellin on this one. Like I said before, I think this is more along the lines of what I was expecting from Pooh. Mushinah’s sultry voice doesn’t hurt either!

C – I’m a big fan…prolly my 2nd favorite cut of the whole album.  See: above.

Rearview Mirror:

C – Is this the last track?  Already?  Ha!  Again though, this is a lot more of what I was expecting when I started listening to this shit.  Not fair?  Maybe.  But when you think about where Pooh came from…

B – Is there a producer that knows Pooh better than 9th Wonder? He (9th Wonder) knows Pooh, and seems to know how to pull the good out of him.

All in all, I think, we felt the album was ordinary…. Did we expect too much? Maybe. That’s the way it works though…it’s like this: when you are a fan of previous work, then you come in with certain expectations. What are y’all expecting from Detox? Exactly my point, sometimes our feelings cloud our expectations. This album was “aiight”.

AndyFatHead_v2 MeFatHead_v3 1-2Forty

P.S. - Can I get a copy without the “Rapppppprapppprappp”, “Go buy my albummmmmm” and “Don’t bootleg my albummmmm” tags? I know it’s an “advance” copy, but had to listen at least 5 times to get past them!

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