Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Yin and the Yang of it…

Got this in the inbox today all the way live from Beantown (Benny’s second home…or so he thinks!) Never heard of this cat until today, but after just one quick listen to Mayhem, I have to say I want more…pause. Filthy – and I mean FILTHY – beat; dope delivery and solid storytelling too; like I said, I look forward to hearing what the future holds for this cat. Here’s the thing though, the video for “One Day” fucking kills me.

To be fair, this is the extended version of the video (although it kinda has to be since the song is only two minutes long), so it starts out with a “short.” The concept is coo: the vicious relationship cycle – men are dogs, women are too, as well as impossible to please, etc. etc. And the photography is pretty nice too. But, the acting is awful. Seriously, terrible! Technically speaking (sorry if you don’t care), the lighting is bad too. And lastly, if you know you’re going to get some close-ups on someone’s hands, make sure they don’t look like they’ve been run through a fucking blender!!

Anyways, don’t let the video get in the way of what’s a really good – albeit short - track. Peep:

Again, dope concept, but poor execution on the video. Good thing the song is so good! Mayhem has an EP dropping sometime in April, and a debut LP this summer. Keep your eyes open for those…actually, better just use your ears.


UPDATE: Download the track here: Mayhem - One Day (zSHARE)


Benny B said...

Song is kinda nice...why you gotta get all bougie with videos? Like your "face for radio" could act any better...BWAHAHAHAAA!

catch91 said...

Shit, son, those were prolly your fingers they shot the close-ups of!