Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tie one on…

Got this in the inbox the other day. Slept on it for a minute – sorry! Finally got to it today, and I’m glad I did: if y’all ain’t familiar with Mista Mista, you should be. He’s part of AYCE Favorite Jon Hope’s EMG crew, and dude has talent. The video here is for the first single from his Where It Started At mixtape, and it’s a banger. Lookin’ a little like a young – and skinny – Serch, Mista drops gems over a filthy keyboard-driven beat (man, Taktix is filthy!) while LJC keeps it moving with some harmonies and the hook. Even though the video is a little cliche story-wise (although tight photography and flow), “Adjust My Tie” is definitely a rotation-worthy cut. Peep:

All the ladies go nuts when they have me over / they be lungin’ at my balls like Sharipova

I’m rollin’ on that one!! Providence in the building!!


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