Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not yet Kanye, but it's Brainstorm...prick!

Peep Brainstorm going in over the Kanye West joint Say You Will. Brainstorm is lyrically insane...and this beat is one of my favorites from 808's and Heartbreaks. It's like Catch said to be once though, I'm gonna have to paraphrase though cause sometimes he mumbles and I can't understand every word. These three young dudes (Dyme Def) are so good together, that I hope he doesn't get too big for the group. He is definately a triple threat...his beats are on point, delivery and lyrics are ill, and the kid is and entertainer. Peace.

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catch91 said...

mumblemumblemumble...fucking filthy...mumblemumblemumble...prick...mumblemumblemumble...such a simple video, yet so strong! Oh wait, mumblemumblemumble!