Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fresh from the inbox: Frank Ramz

After perusing the inbox for, what seemed like, an eternity I came upon an email from Frank Ramz (pronounced rams). I went to the usual links to check out some of his music and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. I gave a quick listen to a couple of his mixtapes, and exchanged a few emails and he seems to be a well grounded dude just grindin his way through. He has released 3 mixtapes over the past few months (seems to be on some Charles Hamilton and Weezy shit) and is set to drop number 4, Falling Up, on April 30th with the 5th in progress. Dude is a lyricist in every sense of the word, and speaks on some real stuff.  So I'm gonna post up the 3 previous mixtapes for you to enjoy along with a leak or two from Falling Up. You can read more about him here, check out his myspace, or at his blog is a good place to listen as well. Hopefully, we can get a "20 questions" interview worked out before Falling Up drops. Peace.

Here are a couple other records for you to enjoy.

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