Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Backspin’s back…ALRIGHT!

And so is Take it Back Tuesday! At least for today. So the reason for my happiness, among many reasons, is that after a couple of months the fine folks (or cocksuckers, your call) at Sirius/XM have come to their senses and brought back Backspin – it’s on channel 39 now, and it still says Pop2K on my radio, but I can’t bitch…for the moment.


Honestly, the only reason I even wanted this shit in the first place is for the old school channel. Fuck Shade 45…seriously, fuck it in the goat ass. I mean, there might be a few moments per day that I enjoy it…or not – but if I have to hear “Crack a Bottle” one more fucking time... For real though, like two days after I got a year subscription to this money pit of a radio serivce, they cut Kurtis Blow and Dana Dane and dem. I was livid for like… 2 days!!! I even considered writing them a letter, but fuck that, I’m lazy… which is why you’re lucky to get this installment of TIBT in the first place. That said, enjoy a little PRT for that ass! Who is PRT? Fuck you. Reminisce everybody (as Dana Dane would say), and Rock Dis Funky Joint!!!

Poor Righteous Teachers – Holy Intellect


Butt Naked Booty Bless Y’all!


P.S. – No guarantees on the audio quality. You can get it in .m4a format here (dope site by the way!).

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BrainSlice said...

I'm witcha on this one........I was ready to drop bombs when that station disappeared. Shade 45 and Hiphopnation both play the same shit, sometimes at the same time! It goes like this: 50, Lil Wayne, Crack a bottle, repeat...