Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feelin’ the love?


Didn’t know it was going to be a free release, but apparently U-N-I is sharing the love!  You can listen to the tracks right here or click the download link.  The mixtape was fucking dope, can’t wait to listen to this!

<a href="http://yothurz.com/album/a-love-supreme">My Life by U-N-I</a>


It ain’t a game…or is it?

Just saw this over at the Rap Up… shit had me rollin’.  Peep:   




No disassemble…


AYCE fav Brainstorm (of Dyme Def) just tweeted this little gem for y’all.  Shit is ill – although that’s to be expected when he touches the mic!  Enjoy:

Brain - Johnny 5_SC_.mp3 

(P.S. – this is apparently the rough cut…sounds pretty good to me though!)

Uno.  Or should I say Cinco?



The Yin and the Yang of it…

Got this in the inbox today all the way live from Beantown (Benny’s second home…or so he thinks!) Never heard of this cat until today, but after just one quick listen to Mayhem, I have to say I want more…pause. Filthy – and I mean FILTHY – beat; dope delivery and solid storytelling too; like I said, I look forward to hearing what the future holds for this cat. Here’s the thing though, the video for “One Day” fucking kills me.

To be fair, this is the extended version of the video (although it kinda has to be since the song is only two minutes long), so it starts out with a “short.” The concept is coo: the vicious relationship cycle – men are dogs, women are too, as well as impossible to please, etc. etc. And the photography is pretty nice too. But, the acting is awful. Seriously, terrible! Technically speaking (sorry if you don’t care), the lighting is bad too. And lastly, if you know you’re going to get some close-ups on someone’s hands, make sure they don’t look like they’ve been run through a fucking blender!!

Anyways, don’t let the video get in the way of what’s a really good – albeit short - track. Peep:

Again, dope concept, but poor execution on the video. Good thing the song is so good! Mayhem has an EP dropping sometime in April, and a debut LP this summer. Keep your eyes open for those…actually, better just use your ears.


UPDATE: Download the track here: Mayhem - One Day (zSHARE)

Fresh from the inbox: Frank Ramz

After perusing the inbox for, what seemed like, an eternity I came upon an email from Frank Ramz (pronounced rams). I went to the usual links to check out some of his music and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. I gave a quick listen to a couple of his mixtapes, and exchanged a few emails and he seems to be a well grounded dude just grindin his way through. He has released 3 mixtapes over the past few months (seems to be on some Charles Hamilton and Weezy shit) and is set to drop number 4, Falling Up, on April 30th with the 5th in progress. Dude is a lyricist in every sense of the word, and speaks on some real stuff.  So I'm gonna post up the 3 previous mixtapes for you to enjoy along with a leak or two from Falling Up. You can read more about him here, check out his myspace, or at his blog is a good place to listen as well. Hopefully, we can get a "20 questions" interview worked out before Falling Up drops. Peace.

Here are a couple other records for you to enjoy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bring it back y'all, bring it back...

I know it's been a minute or two since I had one of these posts but just couldn't find the right picture, but thanks to the good people at Lakewood Wal-Mart I was able to bring it back.

Now, many people think that I have made this one up...I don't I swear. We were walking out of Wal-Mart the other day and got handed the above flier.... So is the "blow-out" on Home Lines, Home Linens, or Homeliness? Maybe it's just me...but I thought homeliness was free!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sportn' Life...

So I just got a little promotional goodness in the inbox today...and probably not by coincidence, so I thought I would bring it here for y'all to decide. This comes from the dudes at Sportn' Life Record, and...well I'll let you read what they had to say:

You may or may not be familiar with Sportn' Life Records flagship artist D.Black out of Seattle, Washington.  Most recently he was featured on Jake One's White Van Music with the song "God Like".  We are preparing for the release of D.Blacks sophomore project titled "Rejuvenation".  Here is some recent video of him performing a couple of his new tracks.  Also below is a link to him performing God Like. 

I'm definitely feelin D.Black and looking forward to the new album, The Rejuvenation. These songs and videos are all well and good, but you know I have to come through with my own favorites. The 808 joint (not sure if that's even the name) I saw him perform once...and had to have it. There is one other joint Swang On Em that is the joint too, but I can't find it anywhere. A yo, Black, lemme get a copy of that one!!! Peace.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Geezus finally...

It took me fordamnever to get this posted up. The new video from Common Market for Escaping Arkham shot in Manhattan's Financial District. The video is fresh...as always, go here to show some love (and vote). Don't forget to go to Itunes and cop The Winters End EP...it's that new dope! Peace

Dyme Def behind the scenes...

Dyme Def behind the scenes video shoot with Saigon for Pickupyaflow. Seriously, not only are these dudes doing their thing right now...I mean, they doing it so hard that I might have to say "thang", but they're funny as shit too! Watch out for that new Panic EP droppin on/or around April 15th...pickup, pickupyaflow. Peace.

Move Over Ronald!

Apparently Skateboard P loves him some Golden Arches!!  But alas, the crew of this Parisian McD’s didn’t recognize him with that gay-ass moustache and wannabe-Michael-moves…NOMORESOUPFORYOU!! 

He mighta been better off breakin’ out the “Two all beef patties, special sauce lettuce cheese, pickles onions on a sesame seed bun” song – THAT’s the international language my friends!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Now That’s a Fire!

Actually, this is Fire.  Gotta love the Knux and their “we are who we are” style.  Like the animations throughout, could do wit a few less extreme close-ups though.  Nevertheless…   PUT IT IN THE AIR!!!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh What a Night…Part 2 (my turn)

I know Benny already tipped y’all off to Monday’s festivities at Neumos: the grand finale of the second annual 3-day concert showcase of the finest acts the great upper-left has to offer; good luck finding a better way to start your week!  I’ll try not to repeat anything you already read, but I gotta give my take too! 

For us, these nights always begin and end the same: with DSC00435 drink in hand -sometimes two.   Of course, there’s a whole lot of adult beverages in between as well, and tonight was no different…although I can’t say I’ve ever had a 24oz. Red Stripe before, damn that shit was good though! 

Anyways, we started off at Moe’s (doh!) while we waited for Trouble T-roye to roll in with the weed-smoke cloud behind him.  To his credit, we took his suggestion and met at this little joint called the Pike Street Fish Fry.  Two words: Fucking.  Wow.  I guess you should always trust a stoner when it comes to food suggestions!

Let me tell you something, it might not look all that amazing as you order from a little-ass scribbled-on chalkboard in this low-ceiling, simple-decor spot, but you won’t find better fish and chips outside of London (not that I’ve ever been, but that’s where they originated right?).  It’s all freshly made right in front of you, with a great selection of homemade sauces to boot… and if you don’t try the hush puppies, I will kick you in the fucking sack.  Yes, they are that good.

So we sat down with our tremendous food and watched folks come in for the show.  As we grubbed silently, we watched this Toyota Camry bust a 23-point turn to park in a spot clearly marked with a big-ass “No Parking Here” sign.  I would’ve laughed, but I was too busy stuffing my face. 

Anyway, we’re waiting for this genius to get out so we can all point and clown, and who should step out of the ride?  The man of the hour himself, Sabzi.  He may be one of the best beatmakers in the game today - and tomorrow for that matter - but parking an imported automobile…eh, not so much.   

Enough about that though – unless you want me to go on about the fish, seriously, I might be willing to go catch fucking Candlebox at Neumos just so I can hit that joint up again – anyways, we belched out our compliments to the chef and hit the club.  And this is where I met my new friend for the night; as I downed a nice Maker’s and diet (gotta make up for the deep-fried fish and french fries with a diet soda right?), I see this guy get one of these beauties passed across the bar:

DSC00437You shitting me??  Not only is that one big-ass beer, it’s ice cold, and in a bottle!  No plastic cups for this one…I’ll take one of those big wonderful beauties please!  Frosty cold, 24 ounces of Red Stripe in hand, we bellied up to the stage and settled in for a fine evening of entertainment.

I can’t lie, I was a little surprised to see AYCE-favorite Dyme Def be the opening act.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take these cats whenever I can get ‘em…pause…but seriously, despite their physical stature, there’s no reason they should get the short set.  As a matter of fact, while Blue Scholars and Common Market keep building national-buzz (and rightly so, of course), how is it that these three MC’s and Bean One aren’t on the same level?  They may not be part of the “conscientious crew” – and sometimes that’s a good thing! – but the wit, passion, and appreciation they show for those who came before them should have them muggin’ on MTV on the regular.  But I digress…  As usual – in fact, even more than usual – Dyme Def beat the shit out of that stage and left the crowd wondering what the fuck just happened. 

Next up was Macklemore.  This was the second time I’ve seen him, and again I came away impressed.  You could feel the passion building from the tip toes of his grey slip-on Vans all the way to the top of his trucker style old-school Chicago Bears hat and then exploding onto the mic and those of us in the front row.  Not only does he bring lyrical heat, but you can tell he loves to perform.  Never mind the denim jacket with tassles he donned while flowing over Herbie Hancock’s famed “Axel F(oley)”, the Rob Dyrdek-esque performance he put on for “I’m an American” was hilarious, all while being backed up by Nacho Libre on the trumpet and Don Ho on violin (he was playin’ it like a ukulele).  I was a little taken aback when two dudes rolled out from under the nearest bridge and onto the stage, but Champagne Champagne actually brought some serious energy to the already hyped crowd.  Oh, and lastly, how is it that the crowd didn’t go buck for Ohmega Watts workin’ the wheels behind Mack? 


If you’re still reading this, congratulations!  You have a much longer attention span than most!  Up next, Sabzi settled in behind the turntables and introduced a special guest: Spaceman came rumbling through the crowd and jumped on stage sending the place into orbit.  Get it… Spaceman… orbit… sorry.  Anyways, him, Fatal Lucciano and D Black were surprisingly solid.  I’ve only seen Fatal once, and after about five minutes I was tired of him being all angry and yelling at me, but this time was much better.  D Black seemed to be the focus (and not just because of his size); he rocked the mic while Spaceman passed out his EP.  Again, I was pleasantly surprised by the Sportn’ Life performance. 

Ra Scion came out and joined them towards the end.  Just like Benny, this dynamic was a little weird to me.  I’ve seen Common Market on several occasions, but I’ve never noticed Ra so b-boyed up.  Not criticizing, just caught me off guard.  Anyways, according to the crowd reaction we had arrived at the good part of the show.  And Ra did not disappoint!  DSC00461 I don’t know how he could rock a show like that wearing five layers underneath a coat without passing out, but he did, and some how we were sweating more than him.  OK, by we I mean me… what can I say, I’m a big man… and I sweat.

One very cool thing about this show is that the breaks in between acts were short as hell, sometimes seamless.  So, as Ra thanked the crowd, Geologic took the stage - signaling the start of Blue Scholars’ part of the show; and all the while, Sabzi looked on like a proud pops.  After all, this whole three-day thing seems to largely be his baby.

What a way to wrap up this show, and the event as a whole.  Geo and Sabzi reminded me why they had top billing, and why so many people are taking notice of this Northwest duo.  Like B said, that iPhone shit was ridiculous, as was the way they brought up a whole gang of local MCs to rock the “North by Northwest” rendition and put an end to the show with “No Rest for the Weary”… minus the short encore of course (PS, I missed the beginning of this one, sorry Grynch!  And the bass wreaks havoc on the audio towards the end…oh well.)

Geo thanked the decidedly Blue Scholars crowd once again, saying: “You know who comes out on a Monday?  People that don’t want the weekend to end,” drawing a roar from everyone in the building and signaling the end of one hell of an event.  It’s shows like this that make me proud of my city; we’re lucky enough to have a big part of hip-hop’s future be from right here, and they’ve proudly repped our town from the past to the present… even while the national attention builds.  The show was too good for the measly $15 ticket (that I still owe B for, as usual).  Of course, the $75 tab made up for that shit… Red Stripe and Hip Hop: Hooray Beer!! 


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


CuDi doin his thing (though not "officially)...not much to say. If this is true, it'll be a sad day. Big ups  to Hyphen for the heads up and OS for the video!

A "Who's Who" night...

So last year Blue Scholars started doing a 3 day event that I like to refer to as the "NW Showcase". Like I said, it is a 3 day event that showcases many of the talented hip hop artists from not only Seattle but throughout the NW. The event was supposed to be held in December, but due to unforeseen circumstances (ie: a damn blizzard) it was rescheduled for this past weekend! I was out of town for Saturday and Sunday, but really the only day I wanted to go was Monday anyway (IMHO the best lineup and 21+ show). On the bill for the night DymeDef, Macklemore, Common Market, and Blue Scholars...a virtual "Who's Who" for Seattle hip hop.

DymeDef opened the show and, as usual, brought their high energy to the stage with them. I have said it before and I'll say it again...IF you have been sleepin on these dudes it really is time to wake up. BeanOne beats, Fearce Vil, S.E.V., and Brainstorm...it doesn't get much better. These cats are always on point. Every time I have seen them has been raucous, and they seem to be on top of their game each time. Tonight was no exception...but I did feel that S.E.V. brought a little something extra tonight. You know when someone in the NFL is in the final year of their contract and they have the best season ever (see Shaun Alexander and Marcus Trufant). Dude was spittin for a deal last night...call it a "coming out" party. Peep S.E.V. (white hat), Brainstorm (red hat), and Fearce Vil (white T)...

Next up was Macklemore. Mack has been around the scene here in Seattle for awhile now, but I have only seen him a couple of times. I like what he brings to the table,
a true emcee with the ability to rock a crowd or lull them with his smooth delivery. Macklemore came on stage with a violinist and trumpeter...and the one and only Ohmega Watts on the 1s and 2s. 
I was impressed with this pairing of Macklemore and Ohmega Watts and wondered aloud if Watts hasn't influenced Macklemore into the jazzy string and horn sounds that I associate with Ohmega Watts music. Andrew, the violinist, played such amazing version of the Star Spangled Banner before I'm An American, that if you closed your eyes you would swear you were listening to another Seattle icon...Jimi Hendrix. Macklemore also brought out Champagne Champagne, who I had never seen or heard before tonight. Truthfully, I wasn't all that impressed but maybe at another time or place or for more than one son I might be able to get into them. Peep the video and the outfit that Macklemore donned for I'm An American.

Common Market was up third with a surprise of their own. The duo of RA Scion and Sabzi brought out the dudes for Sport N Life...Spaceman, Fatal Lucciano, and D. Black.  Space is just now coming into his own, and I am looking forward to hearing more from dude. D.Black is the face of SnL right now it seems, and Seattle's resident Freeway impersonator (looks only).  I have never really been impressed with Fatal, he has is moments buts most of the time comes off as a Mad Rapper type. In his defense, he did have a good set on this night. It was somewhat of an odd collaboration though, in my opinion. RA Scion has a very technical delivery and his content is more spiritually or politically based where dudes from SnL bring more of that "gangsta" appeal. Just shows that anyone can go in over a Sabzi beat. Nonetheless, RA brought every last ounce he had after, what I am sure was,  a long 3 days. 

Also, wanted to let y'all know that Common Market will be releasing a digital only EP, appropriately titled The Winters End EP. This will be available on iTunes and other digital outlets on March 31st. You can preview the album here.

Hyena Records and Common Market are pleased to announce the release of The Winter's End digital EP from Common Market - available on March 31st, 2009.
The Winter's End is a continuance of the journey taken on Tobacco Road - but this EP signifies the end of the Winter. Intentionally timed for a Spring release, the album, in its 5-track entirety, represents triumph over the gloomy clutches of the dark season, setting the tone, both sonically and emotionally, for Common Market's new beginning (or, Nouveau Depart, as track one is appropriately titled, in French).
The group filmed a video in New York City's famed Trinity Church Cemetery for the second track "Escaping Arkham" directed by Zia Mohajerjasbi -to be debuted on MTVu. In the song, the emcee suspends time to ponder the thoughts racing through the mind of a suicide victim as he hovers over death. Singing falsetto on the chorus, RA explains he has effectively “run away chasing the sun.”
The Winter's End will be available for download on iTunes and from other digital distributors on March31st.

Batting clean up was, of course, Blue Scholars. The "one DJ and one MC" philosophy stands true with Geologic on the mic, and Sabzi on the turntables. They played for about an hour, some old, some newer, and some brand new doo doo for us. They made a video while in Hawaii doin a couple of shows, it was definitely a dope video playin in the background while Geo and Sabzi went to work.

Probably the illest moment of the night, and there were definitely a few, was when Sabzi took out his iPhone, connected it to his mixer, and made a beat while Geo spit a freestyle over it...check it!

Crazy dope right...I've never seen anything like it before! I'm sure that once this circulates the blogosphere it is going to be the next coming of the vocoder! Y'all know what I'm talkin about. Peep one more video from the show just to show you how live it really was in that place.

All this for the low, low price of...$15! C'mon people, resist your McDonalds and Starbucks for a day and save that money to come out and support local artists. Lookin forward to next years event already! I'm sure that Catch will have some more to say (and show) on the subject, as he finally brought his own camera! Peace.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dat shit'll make you go blind...

Dope new video from 88 Keys featuring Kanye...Stay Up (Viagra). Thanks to OS for the hookup. By the way, do we really need to call him Kanye West anymore...he should do the Madonna, Rhiannna, Akon thing and just call himself Kanye. I mean how many Kanye's do you know that are over the age of 5? I mean, lets face it...there is now going to be a whole generation of snot nosed kids named Kanye...ya know. Peace.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome to the Cinema

Fresh from the inbox – OK, actually a day old – we got the new Scripts ‘N Screws mixtape for y’all.  B and I both dig these cats from East Saint Lou’; their sound is pretty original and they definitely have lyrical ability.  Peep:


Scripts ‘N Screwz – Sound Cinema

Big thanks to S N S for the hook up!

I’m sure B will drop a review when he gets back from yet another vacation.



Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Backspin’s back…ALRIGHT!

And so is Take it Back Tuesday! At least for today. So the reason for my happiness, among many reasons, is that after a couple of months the fine folks (or cocksuckers, your call) at Sirius/XM have come to their senses and brought back Backspin – it’s on channel 39 now, and it still says Pop2K on my radio, but I can’t bitch…for the moment.


Honestly, the only reason I even wanted this shit in the first place is for the old school channel. Fuck Shade 45…seriously, fuck it in the goat ass. I mean, there might be a few moments per day that I enjoy it…or not – but if I have to hear “Crack a Bottle” one more fucking time... For real though, like two days after I got a year subscription to this money pit of a radio serivce, they cut Kurtis Blow and Dana Dane and dem. I was livid for like… 2 days!!! I even considered writing them a letter, but fuck that, I’m lazy… which is why you’re lucky to get this installment of TIBT in the first place. That said, enjoy a little PRT for that ass! Who is PRT? Fuck you. Reminisce everybody (as Dana Dane would say), and Rock Dis Funky Joint!!!

Poor Righteous Teachers – Holy Intellect


Butt Naked Booty Bless Y’all!


P.S. – No guarantees on the audio quality. You can get it in .m4a format here (dope site by the way!).

Monday, March 9, 2009


My RIP to Biggie...

Has it been THAT long?


Not much I can say that hasn’t already been said.  We’ve been without the greatest rapper of all time for a dozen years now.  Plenty of tributes and such throughout the blogosphere, make sure and partake in as many as you can today…

RIP Biggie.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

And we continue...

So the homey Fuze shot through with a little prelude to his upcoming mixtape/LP which he says should be out in the next couple weeks. Incase you forgot, slept, or are just oblivious to your surroundings you can read more about dude and hear some other songs here.

So along the same lines...

So going along with that "who makes it and who doesn't" thought.... So I was over at my girl Courtney's spot gettin my fix of her Black Box podcast. If you haven't heard, you should check it out. It is hilarious...slightly raunchy at times, but all around good stuff. Anyway, she had a guest the other day, YahZarah St. James. 

I won't give you her full bio, you can get all that here. YahZarah is a former backup singer for Erykah Badu (my thoughts on Erykah). So I listened to her on Courtney's show, she seems down to earth, she got jokes, then she belts out a few lines...this beautiful little woman has a HUGE voice, and did I mention beautiful (peep her myspace pics. Whew!). They can both be in my "communal love" group!!! So I started to look a little deeper and found that she has 3 solo albums...Blackstar, Hear Me, and The Prelude.  I copped the albums and it's a nice, cool listen. You can preview and cop them at Itunes (Blackstar, The Prelude), CD Baby, and Amazon.  So I was reminded to post this up because...

I said earlier I was over at the house of dopeness and saw that they had posted a new Camp Lo joint featuring...dun dun duuuunnnn...YahZarah. The record is hot, and I am looking forward to their new LP. So peep the Camp Lo joint, and cop the YahZarah albums...you definitely won't be sorry! 

A log goin on...

Ok kiddos, let's get right into it. I got a few things to post up here so I'm thinkin bout just makin one long post...or maybe a few short ones. I'll decide on the fly. So keep your hands, arms, feet, legs, and toes inside the ride at all times...hold on tight and have fun.

So I'm gonna start off with a little bit of a guilty pleasure for me...R&B and NeoSoul music. I can hear Catch now...sayin things that I can't repeat. Anyway, I saw Raphael Saadiq this past week and I have to say it was a great show. I really think that his new album The Way I See It, is one of the most slept on albums of 2008.  It's like Motown revisited, chocked full of soulful beats and lyrics. Makes me wonder why some make it to superstardom, and others don't...

I think I'm gonna separate these up into separate smaller posts to keep you interested...Stay tuned!

I just made peanut butter outta my nuts...

Cruised through the dopespot and saw this video from Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. Seriously...these are 2 of the funniest dudes around (then you toss in Drama) and now they are in the same room/factory? Hilarity doth ensue. Peace.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not yet Kanye, but it's Brainstorm...prick!

Peep Brainstorm going in over the Kanye West joint Say You Will. Brainstorm is lyrically insane...and this beat is one of my favorites from 808's and Heartbreaks. It's like Catch said to be once though, I'm gonna have to paraphrase though cause sometimes he mumbles and I can't understand every word. These three young dudes (Dyme Def) are so good together, that I hope he doesn't get too big for the group. He is definately a triple threat...his beats are on point, delivery and lyrics are ill, and the kid is and entertainer. Peace.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tie one on…

Got this in the inbox the other day. Slept on it for a minute – sorry! Finally got to it today, and I’m glad I did: if y’all ain’t familiar with Mista Mista, you should be. He’s part of AYCE Favorite Jon Hope’s EMG crew, and dude has talent. The video here is for the first single from his Where It Started At mixtape, and it’s a banger. Lookin’ a little like a young – and skinny – Serch, Mista drops gems over a filthy keyboard-driven beat (man, Taktix is filthy!) while LJC keeps it moving with some harmonies and the hook. Even though the video is a little cliche story-wise (although tight photography and flow), “Adjust My Tie” is definitely a rotation-worthy cut. Peep:

All the ladies go nuts when they have me over / they be lungin’ at my balls like Sharipova

I’m rollin’ on that one!! Providence in the building!!


Rocky Mountain hip-hop...

The homeboys over at CRR came through with this little compilation yesterday. It is a compilation of various artist all in/from Colorado. I haven't heard this specific album yet but have heard a few of the artists. They got some big things goin down over there.  Shout out to Kid Hum, Whygee, and the whole House of Waxx fam...Peace.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ok, ok, ok...

so I took an extended nap (notice drool)...big deal. I been a little busy flyin back and forth across country for various reasons...and it ain't over yet, got at least on more trip in 2 weeks. To be completely honest with y'all, since the Grammy's shit all over the whole music industry with their winners this year, there hasn't been a whole lot of music out there recently that has inspired me much.
I do have a few promising things that I am in the process of listening to...3 The Hardway, TIRon, Grandmaster Flash, and some others. Today I was surfin around the blogosphere and came across this Asher Roth freestyle and interview over at 2dopeboys. I'm actually looking forward to his album...dude is just a fresh change from some of the stagnant music that has been coming out lately. When it says "Asher Roth" and "Freestyle" in the same sentence, you can bet your sweet ass it's straight from the dome...peep the video interview (Part 1 and 2) and the 20 minute freestyle over various Eminem, Vanilla Ice, and other cuts. Peace!