Monday, February 16, 2009

A Thousand Posts and Runnin’…


Just wanted to post a congratulatory note to the one and only Charles Hamilton on his 1000th blog post.  “Who cares” you say?  We do.  Chuck is probably the most active rapper/blogger in the biz, and definitely the most open about what goes on behind his music.  Oh yeah, it helps that he’s one of the most talented and creative cats to come along in quite some time!  Anyways, you already knew… But, did you know in addition to dropping his 847th mixtape last Friday (Well Isn’t This Awkward - an open letter of obsession for one recently-battered Barbados queen), Charles celebrated his blogging milestone with yet another mixtape for the masses: 

My Brain is Alive Front My Brain is Alive Back

Charles Hamilton – My Brain is Alive

Make sure and peep the post; it’s like a “state of the hamiltonization” report with plenty of good insight into Sonic’s past, present and future.  And he weighs in on the absurdity that is the Boss/Fiddy beef:

“Rick Ross is calling 50 out for the same thing 50 is calling Ross out for. And there's evidence on BOTH sides of the spectrum that says they're full of sh1t. But the people can buy into the potential of danger/drama the beef brings. So they win. And lose. Because when it's over, there's a laundry list of hungry underground MCs who can't WAIT to make rap punchlines about both of them. I can see it now... "N1ggas is 50 and Ross, straight snitchin to the boys...".”

Quality all-around.  So, congrats again Chuck!  We look forward to hearing – and reading! – what’s next.


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