Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's a big day hear folks...

First, Mick Boogie came through with his 2009 Grammy Remix Compilation which, at first glance, looks to be an interesting listen. I'll give it a whirl, why the fuck not...

Next, Mick was kind enough to send through a little MaeDay mix that he did called Cherish the Day: The Mae/Sade Experience. If you're not familiar with MaeDay you can peep her here. Mick decided to "take all Sade samples and tastefully remake them for todays generation". If you can't get down with Sade, you got some problems. I heard a couple records off this one...I'm really liken it so far. Check it out.

Lastly, a few singles came up in the inbox that were actually pretty decent. J Cardim has his album out now, Your Favorite Rapper's Favorite Producer, and here are a couple tracks of that album. First is a J Cardim, Wale, Red Cafe, MIMS collabo called Don't Play With My Dough.  On the second we have a Saigon sighting...yes people, our sources have confirmed that J Cardim found Saigon and put him on a track...Breathe Thru The Years.

Last, but certainly not least and actually a fan favorite here at AYCE, the big homey Jon Hope came through with his Gutter Freestyle. Definitely a nice little ditty.

Hope this is enough for y'all to enjoy for the day...well atleast for the minute until we come back with more!!! Peace.

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