Wednesday, February 25, 2009

AYCE Investigates… The N.O.R.E. Story

What up y’all?? Been a minute, but we were catchin’ up on some beauty sleep… recovering from the latest food coma, you know? Actually, Benny was busy gettin’ boobies in his face on the other coast while some of us were busy puttin’ in work! In case you ain’t heard, there was an incident in South Beach that has sparked a bit of controversy around the webs… we decided to get the scoop, the REAL scoop.

After a thorough review of the surveillance video, we’ve reconstructed the events from February 22nd at Miami’s one and only Fat Burger location. Here’s what really happened that fateful Sunday afternoon:


(door swings wide open)



(grabs flowers out of vase )

Deez real?? I’m a muhfuckin’ veegan ya know! Dat means I eats vegetables ‘n’ shits… flowers too! Can I get some cheese on these muhfuckas? Whatchu mean “no”? You know who I am???

(throws flowers at some dude eating a plate of skinny fries)

What I’m gonna eat now?? I don’t fucks wit da bovine, nawmsayn? But I do fucks wit dis lemonade an shit… lemme get a extra large with extra ade in dat piece… I’m FUCKING THURSTAY TOO! Nawmsayn? WHUT? No such thing as “extra ade”?? YOU KNOW WHO I AM???

(dumps drink on floor, flexes and yells “what?” at it)

Man, ain’t no floor fin to flex on me! Sheeeet… all this thuggin’ got me hongry as a mug… lessee… oh a “King Burger,” dey mussa knew I was comin – ha ha ha. Why you ain’t laughin? Whatever whatever, lemme get…. “Baby Fat?” yeah, das all dis is… I be skinny again yo… c’mon main, dat’s some funny shit! Fuck you den. Ummm… ahhhh, derrr it is! Lemme get a Veggie Burger in. this. beeotch! You know I’mma veegan.

(cashier rings it up, asks for $8.63)

WHAT WHAT WH-WHAATTTT?? EIGHT DOLLAS?!?! That shit made of gold? Muhfucka, you know I ain’t had a hit in like five years! I mean, me and Pone bout to drop a new, even more irrelevant album next month, but how my posed to afford that shit until then? What? Oh you got jokes… this necklace? How I afford this?


Man, dem sum cubic sizzer-coney-islandan shit. Looks tight dough, right? Never lose my ‘Ports neither! Look man, I ain’t payin’ no gotdamn eight dollas for no muhfuckin’ veggie burger… fuck all dat! My whips got navigation, yours is garbation… I’m out this bitch…

(turns and notices customer already eating his “Double King Meal Deal”)



(slaps dude across the helmet, grabs double King burger and takes off out the door yellin’)

N-O-R-E! That stand fa N*ggaz On the Run Eatin’! Can’t catch me man!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hardest workin dude in...

Three...count'em...1...2...3, mixtapes in like 6 days. Nobody can deny that Charles Hamilton might be the hardest workin dude out there right now. Dude is gettin his grind on like The Clipse, fa real. Here is the newest addition...Every Charles Hamilton Ex-Girlfriends Worst Nightmare. Enjoy kiddos, I gotta pack, then I'm on a plane to Atlantic City for the weekend. Yo, if I come back a millionaire...y'all ain't gettin shit! Well, maybe a few more posts but thats it! Peace

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pursuit of Nappyness...

Man is has been a minute since I posted...almost as long as it has been since I heard anything from the Nappy Roots. Last Saturday, though, at Nectar I went to see what turned out to be a pretty good show...well except for the first band. Sonny Bonoho showed out and the Nappy Roots did too. Here's a little something the homey Bonoho sent through...I'll add some more when I get mine uploaded. *Disclaimer: If you have epilepsy or any other form of neurological disfunction that causes your body to go into fits and convulsions, watch at you're own risk!*

Sonny Bonoho @ Nectar Lounge Seattle, Wa "Nappy Roots Pursuit of Nappyness" from Bonoho Capsule on Vimeo.

That may or may not be ya boy's big as head in the front sportin the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" cap...

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Thousand Posts and Runnin’…


Just wanted to post a congratulatory note to the one and only Charles Hamilton on his 1000th blog post.  “Who cares” you say?  We do.  Chuck is probably the most active rapper/blogger in the biz, and definitely the most open about what goes on behind his music.  Oh yeah, it helps that he’s one of the most talented and creative cats to come along in quite some time!  Anyways, you already knew… But, did you know in addition to dropping his 847th mixtape last Friday (Well Isn’t This Awkward - an open letter of obsession for one recently-battered Barbados queen), Charles celebrated his blogging milestone with yet another mixtape for the masses: 

My Brain is Alive Front My Brain is Alive Back

Charles Hamilton – My Brain is Alive

Make sure and peep the post; it’s like a “state of the hamiltonization” report with plenty of good insight into Sonic’s past, present and future.  And he weighs in on the absurdity that is the Boss/Fiddy beef:

“Rick Ross is calling 50 out for the same thing 50 is calling Ross out for. And there's evidence on BOTH sides of the spectrum that says they're full of sh1t. But the people can buy into the potential of danger/drama the beef brings. So they win. And lose. Because when it's over, there's a laundry list of hungry underground MCs who can't WAIT to make rap punchlines about both of them. I can see it now... "N1ggas is 50 and Ross, straight snitchin to the boys...".”

Quality all-around.  So, congrats again Chuck!  We look forward to hearing – and reading! – what’s next.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Roses are Red, HerFavoriteColo(u)r is Blu!

BluAfroPic Are violets really blue? I mean, why would they call ‘em violets if they’re… anyway. Happy belated Valentine’s Day y’all! Never mind the roses, or chocolates, or sappy-ass cards that you paid too much for because you couldn’t come up with something clever to say on your own… what better way to show you care than to drop a surprise mixtape? That’s what yer boy Blu did! Unfortunately, the Bluspace link already hit its download limit (damn y’all are ON IT!), but lucky for us, the fine folks at OS put it up as well. Enjoy!

Blu – HerFavoriteColo(u)r



P.S. – Half the fun of a Blu blog post is deciphering. Seriously, dude is a bottomless well.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I said 1-2-3….

So good to see Mos and Kweli!!!  Or if you prefer: Reunited and it feels so goooooood.  I have to say, after reading Kweli’s interview over at Nottingham’s Palace, I didn’t think a Black Star reunion was even possible.  Granted, it’s just a couple songs on stage, but it’s better than a kick in the groin!  (Although if they don’t put out a new album, it might leave you feeling like you just took a 12 to the sack!)

Thanks to OKP for the tip-off.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3Badbrothaaas REEEEmix...

This weeks leak from the brothas Dyme Def...a remix to 3Badbrothaaas. This track was off their Space Music album and remixed once on their 3Badbrothaaas Mixtape. The homey BeanOne on production.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Have a good weekend...

mine starting off just right...Peace.

3 The Hard Way...


So a while back the homey Dylan from House of Waxx (What up D?) came through with a little package for us from 3 The Hard Way. 3 The Hard Way is set to release an album this month sometime... Set in Stone.
Known as "3 Tha Hardway," this group is working with three of the most talented young stars on the rise and the world may never be the same. The mix is as sweet as can be, putting the dominating skills of DJ Cysko Rokwel on the tables while A.V.I.U.S. adds prose sure to sharpen the hook. Es Nine brings it all together with a master's knowledge of the note and rhythm needed to make the masses sing.
I put up a couple of records off the new album here for your listening enjoyment. So check them out:


Peep the homies and more info here and here...for those of you in Denver mark February 28th on your calendar. The album release party at The Marquis Theater...go and check out the show for me, cause I wish I was there. Peace.

Hey Mami...

Fresh from the inbox today...couple a new joints from The Get Em Mamis. Man, these 2 beautiful ladies came through with Work and So Crazy. I like their sound and their look...but then again I don't post shit I don't like! So, as usual, if you like what you hear...let the ladies know here. Roxzi, still waitin for you to get at me!!! Peace.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Droppin Knowledge...

Always good to see the Scholars droppin some for y'all. Like them or not, their out there doin their thing and reppin the 206. Peace.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's a big day hear folks...

First, Mick Boogie came through with his 2009 Grammy Remix Compilation which, at first glance, looks to be an interesting listen. I'll give it a whirl, why the fuck not...

Next, Mick was kind enough to send through a little MaeDay mix that he did called Cherish the Day: The Mae/Sade Experience. If you're not familiar with MaeDay you can peep her here. Mick decided to "take all Sade samples and tastefully remake them for todays generation". If you can't get down with Sade, you got some problems. I heard a couple records off this one...I'm really liken it so far. Check it out.

Lastly, a few singles came up in the inbox that were actually pretty decent. J Cardim has his album out now, Your Favorite Rapper's Favorite Producer, and here are a couple tracks of that album. First is a J Cardim, Wale, Red Cafe, MIMS collabo called Don't Play With My Dough.  On the second we have a Saigon sighting...yes people, our sources have confirmed that J Cardim found Saigon and put him on a track...Breathe Thru The Years.

Last, but certainly not least and actually a fan favorite here at AYCE, the big homey Jon Hope came through with his Gutter Freestyle. Definitely a nice little ditty.

Hope this is enough for y'all to enjoy for the day...well atleast for the minute until we come back with more!!! Peace.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Stuck like...

Thanks to the dopeboyz for these...still trying to figure out if these are new or if I have heard them before and their just remastered or something.

Songs for Eating and Drinking...

Sounds like something we here at AYCE could really sink our teeth into.... On the real though, this looks and sounds like it would have been something special to be a part of...thanks to Macklemore for posting this up. Apparently there have been a few of these and include various kinds of music...definitely a dope concept. Peep these and others here...

Macklemore - Air Jordans

Geologic - A Cappella

The Saturday Knights - Nobody

Fences - We Wore Panthers on Our Hands

Chumps In Pink...

The homey Whygee shared a nice little "underground video" at hispace for us all to enjoy. Check it out...peace.

chumpsin pink

Mamma was a Rollin Stone..

Another good one from one of the NW finest...Dyme Def. These dudes just keep makin hits!

She got that Holy Ghost...

It's a little live B.o.B. video from the man himself from atlhustlers via bobspace. I may or may not know some people that catch the "Holy Ghost" once in awhile and fall out! BWAAAHAHA...crazy.

B.O.B. - Holy Ghost

She gave me service with a smile....

Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol. 2

Thanks to the homey Grynch for the hook up on this one!
The official "Blaps, Rhymes & Life" mixtape series is back! Dub MD
and super producer Illmind re-connect for a second time to bring you
another exclusive free mixtape project, "Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol.
II" is a 22 track digi-zip packed full of classic illmind production.
This time around the mixtape features established artists such as 50
Cent, Eminem, Scarface, Talib Kweli and Heltah Skeltah, as well as
featuring a whole host of up and coming artists from the likes of
Bambu, Megaciph, Above Ave and Grynch just to list a few.

Illmind is also set to release a couple of studio albums in 2009 with the debut
LP from his group Fortilive consisting of emcees Mushmouf and Slo-Mo,
the project will be dropping sometime in 2009 via Myx Music. Also
lookout for his up coming new instrumental album which is due for
release this year aswell, for more information and updates, check out and

Also be on the lookout for Dub MD dropping some new artist mixtapes in 2009, as he
collaborates once again with Nametag for the follow up to "Classic
Cadence Vol. 1" with Volume 2. Along with releasing projects with a
posse of emcees including Spectacula, Access Immortal, Cyrano aka Cy
Yung, Zero Star, Junesflow and more, keep it locked!