Friday, January 9, 2009

Who's got Yeezy envy???


No need to raise your hand son, we already know.  Apparently, collabin' with Kid Rock got F. Weezy thinking... "Shit, I woke up, rolled outta bed and made a triple-platinum rap album.  I'll just pick up this here gee-tar and make myself a rock and roll record.  Imagine all the pills I can buy after this one! Woooooo!!!!!!" 

I blame Kanye really.  If he wouldn't have dropped that "Mr. Roboto" shit... *sigh*

Rock on y'all...rock on.

/places hand over heart as Hendrix's national anthem blares in the background


P.S. - Saw it here first.  Then found the original story just because I didn't want to believe it.

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Me said...

omg benny b. sooo funny! i realllly appreciate your support. this whole public display of me is quite someting i gotta tell ya. shit you only live once so fuck it. im gonna be doing dope giveways to promote the show soon so maybe you could win something.Also, we gonna do a party when it gets warm so u should try and make it to NYC:)the word verification is funny today. It's sweempa. made me giggle silently....