Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Take it Back Tuesday...Inauguration Style

Well fam, this is the day that we've all been waiting for.  And if you aren't excited about the days' events, at least appreciate the historic nature of the proceedings (normally I'd tell you to fuck off, but I'm in a good mood!) 

Today, we finally see the Bush era come to an end (for some of you, it never began, HA!), and all eyes focus squarely on the man with the circle logo.  Barack Obama will be in charge of fixing everything W broke during his eight years in office, but that can wait.  Right now we celebrate.

Millions of people are gathered in DC - Benny being on of them (and he insists on rubbing it in my face at all hours of the day) - all of them donning their official inaugural gear, celebrating like there's no tomorrow.  In other words, there are "Oodles of O's" flying proudly all over our Nation's capital, and all over the world for that matter.


De La Soul - Oodles of O's (1991)

Yep, we're Takin' it Back to 1991 with one of my favorite songs of all time on this Tuesday's edition.  Dubbya's dad was in office back then, and De La Soul was Dead - can you blame them?  But today, the O's are flowing freely, and I've never felt more alive!!  Congratulations Barack!


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